you can buy a paper shopping bag with a picture of a handbag on for £405

by:Chengbai     2020-06-24
The more eco-
We realized in the middle that instead of spending 5 p for a bag, it would be better to put 17 items in our hands and further cause plastic waste.
Most of us have our own bag all our lives and we always forget to take it to the store.
But if we buy handbags for £ 405, maybe we will try our best to remember.
Matches is a fashion brand offering eco-friendly products
For those who have the money to splurge and want to save the planet, friendly paper shopping bags are worth £ 405.
The paper bag is the work of designer Stefan Cookes, who has an 18-
Exclusive handbag collection in London-based brand. The tongue-in-
Cheek creations is inspired by a regular shopping bag, but there is a photo of a vintage handbag that was originally sold for £ 52 more than a paper handbag.
Stefan, a graduate of art school Central Saint Martin college, works with designer Jake Burt to bring you this luxury.
This may be a few hundred pounds more than the bag you usually buy, but 100% reusable shopping bags do have eco-friendly features
Friendly quality, for example, made of biodegradable paper fibers and 100% organic cotton.
Hey, sustainable development is not cheap.
\"Stefan Cooke\'s goal is to improve the mundane through surreal but feminine works, such as this white handbag . \"
Its design looks like a disposable paper bag made of sustainable biodegradable paper fiber lined with cotton and printed with photos of a vintage mint green handbagin-
Nod to the fashion conference.
Carry it with the structured cut of the city
Show the ready-made look of the emerging label spirit.
The fans here are completely designed for this quirky bag.
Followers of the contest Instagram page say paper bags are \"beautiful\" and \"creative \".
Someone wrote: \"It\'s super cool to see these bags on weekends. Love.
\"Who knows, you might see people carrying a Pret bag that looks ordinary, but it\'s actually a designer eco-bag.
Package with friendly design Price.
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