would you spend $260 on a grocery bag? designer releases high-end bag for customers looking to stick it to woolworths and coles over plastic ban

by:Chengbai     2020-01-07
A stylish Australian designer has released a premium shopping bag that takes reusable shopping bags to a new level
End the replacement grocery bag.
Deborah Barnet designed a $265 luxury shopping bag for the latest collection of Australian fashion brand Scanlan Theodore.
Made of 100 PVC, this bag is part of a range of visual products
Through the attachment, it should have been similar to the traditional food bag.
On Barnet\'s website, $260 (AUD)
The bag is advertised as made of recycled PVC with crystal blue, Crystal purple, bright green, Ruby and quartz.
According to Seven News reports, its creator recently promoted the cerulean tote bag on the fashion label Instagram account on social media, which received various comments.
While some praised the designer\'s approach in purchasing accessories, calling it a \"necessary purchase\", others said they did not see it.
One person wrote in The Post: \"If I remember to take it out of the trunk of the car when I went to Woolworth, that would be fine . \".
According to the publication, others said photos of expensive shopping bags were \"stupid\" and \"ridiculous \".
Barnet MS was quick to respond to a rebound on social media, saying she had bags all summer, thinking it was \"fictional \".
\"Very beautiful, reflecting light like a gem,\" she wrote on the original Scanlan Theodore post, which was later deleted.
A spokesman for the designer told Yahoo7, L. A.
The design, based in Barnet, made the bag interesting, adding that she did not know that plastic bags were prohibited by Coles and Woolworths.
After the ban earlier this year, both Coles and Woolworths developed their own alternatives --
Use shopping bags, including the controversial 15 cents shopping bag.
The name of the \"grocery bag\" style is very light --
Heart and irony. It is a high-
The spokesman said the end of fashion accessories is not a literal replacement for grocery shopping bags.
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