woolies to remove single-use plastic bags

by:Chengbai     2020-06-09
Nationwide Woolworth, Big W and BWS liquor stores will stop distributing plastic shopping bags free of charge next year.
Woolworths group, which also includes Dan Murphy and cellarmases\' smoke Hotel, plans to get rid of all the single
Use plastic bags before June 30.
Instead, shoppers will get reusable bags ranging from 15 cents to 2 dollars, although Big W can offer reusable bags for free.
The CEO of the retail giant said the group is now offering more than three pounds.
2 billion light plastic bags per year.
\"Today\'s commitment shows our commitment to take our environment and community responsibility seriously,\" Brad banduch said in a statement on Friday . \".
Jon Di, National
The plastic bag campaign did something, saying it was the first step taken by a major retailer in Australia.
\"This is the first step for a major retailer to get rid of plastic bags and we need to see Coles make the same commitment now,\" Mr Dee told AAP . \".
\"Aldi was leading when it was established here in 2001 because from day one they did not give away plastic bags for free.
\"Coles did not respond immediately when asked and its plans.
Light plastic bags often pollute waterways and oceans, leading to the death and disability of marine animals, Dee said.
Removing the free bag will give shoppers the power to use reusable bags, he added.
Greenpeace activist Samantha Walker said Woolworth\'s move will have a significant positive impact on the environment and urged governments to take action on the issue.
\"It is disappointing that the leadership comes from a large supermarket chain on this issue, not from our politicians,\" she said . \".
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