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by:Chengbai     2020-06-04
In a first-of-
It was a consumer ruling that a popular shoe brand chain was instructed to launch Rs9, 000 as it charged Rs3 for a paper bag with the brand name on it.
Chandigarh is reported
Dinesh Prasad Raturi, the complainant at headquarters, said at a consumer forum that it was unreasonable to charge him for a package that also recognized his brand.
The verdict resonated across the country, including Patner.
Patnites who have been paying (
Sometimes inflation rate)
For paper bags with brand names printed, talk to PT and express their thoughts on the issue. . .
Why do shopkeepers charge for things that promote their brand and store?
Some people in Patnaite believe that consumers have already paid high GST on almost all of Patna\'s goods and services.
Jeevan Kumar, a Phulwari Sharif resident, said, \"almost every store in the city has to charge for shopping bags and we used to pay without thinking too much.
When we heard about a consumer court case where a leading shoe store charged extra for carrying luggage, I realized we had to defend something wrong.
Why are they charging for things that promote their brand and store?
Vikramjeet Singh, the owner of a clothing store, also believes that it is unreasonable to charge extra fees for handbags.
\"When customers have already paid taxes for the purchase of clothing or footwear, this will be an additional burden for them.
So, like our store, handbags must be provided for free.
In addition, most of these stores set prices based on their own ideas and preferences.
Some stores charge up to Rs 30 a bag.
\"This approach is totally unreasonable and needs to be controlled,\" he said . \". ‘Being planet-
Conscious is not just the responsibility of the company, \"customers only need to pay a nominal fee for the tote bag, and most people who can buy expensive clothing can also pay for it.
But if these companies offer free bags to all, it may affect their manufacturing costs and, in the end, they add it to the cost of the product.
So, in any case, we will have to pay more, \"said Puspa Tiwari, a resident of Anishabad. ‘Using eco-
Friendly package is a positive step to save the environment and we all have to support Shivani Dubey of the city
The owner of this boutique thinks it is impossible to carry paper or plastic bags anywhere.
\"Sometimes we shop on impulse.
It is unfair that we are forced to pay for hand luggage.
Before the use of plastic is banned, most shops offer free plastic bags.
But now they have replaced them with cloth bags, so there is an extra charge. \"She said.
Ankur, marketing manager of a city-
Mall, headquartered in mall, said, \"according to government guidelines, we charge £ 10 for paper bags. Using eco-
The friendly package is a positive step in saving the environment and we all have to support it.
\"Why blame the company?
As long as you develop the habit of carrying your luggage, the university students and residents of Mithapur animesh Gupta do not agree with the fact that luggage is provided free of charge.
\"Plastic bags are cheaper, so they are available for free,\" he said.
But since companies have to invest more in the ecosystem
Friendly bag for a higher fee.
This makes sense.
We can bring one more bag whenever we go out.
This will help protect our environment.
We can always pay for cloth or paper bags if we can\'t.
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