why retailers\' shoplifting fears are wrapped up in reusable bags

by:Chengbai     2020-05-31
Crowds of people are dragging reusable shopping bags through stores, and it\'s also a dream and nightmare for some Canadian retailers.
They are happy to have customers, but are worried that a small number of people think their reusable bags are a tool for shop shoplifting.
They once [retailers]
There may be two or three people in the building who look suspicious, \"said Stephen O\'Keefe, a consultant who helped the company prevent losses.
\"Now, with reusable bags, they look around and there may be customers who seem suspicious.
O\'Keefe spent years in Hudson Bay and Sears, vice president
President, loss prevention and risk management, Walmart Canada.
\"Anxiety is real.
It could be a healthy thing as a retailer, and it could make them more diligent, \"he said.
Laurie Jennings first felt anxious. hand.
He is the owner of the mastown grocery store near Debert, New Jersey. S.
He doesn\'t have an exact number, but Jennings estimates that his business is costing thousands of dollars a year for stores.
Some people have decided not to use the cart or basket of the store when shopping, Jennings said.
Instead, they put what they want to buy directly in reusable bags.
\"It\'s easy to get out of the house with bags full of products and unpaid payments, whether it\'s intentional or unintentional, so it\'s a problem,\" he said . \".
\"99, I\'m sure.
Nine out of the people who have reusable bags don\'t take this into account at all, but for those few who want to take advantage of you, this is another way to buy you a yes one.
\"Every theft has had a huge impact on Jennings\'s business.
His store makes two or three cents for every dollar sold, so if someone steals a $10 item, to make up for the loss, his shop needs to sell hundreds of dollars of food.
Last year, store theft caused huge losses to retailers, and the Canadian retail Commission estimated that store theft caused as much as $5 billion a year to Canadian retailers.
The council is a non-
The industry-funded profit Association represents more than 45,000 retail stores across the country.
Jim colmere, council\'s Atlantic director, said some members of the Council were also concerned about how criminals could turn reusable bags into tools for shop shoplifting.
He said that some retailers have taken the position that people are not allowed to carry large schoolbags or luggage bags around the store to reduce store theft.
But other stores may take a different approach to welcoming shoppers.
In some cases, you might see some retailers bend backwards and say to the customer, \'Look, if you want to bring a luggage bag, \'then we\'ll allow it . \"
If this happens, he expects the store staff to pay close attention to the customer.
\"Customers need to be prepared for a more positive reception,\" Cormier said . \".
\"Retail sales people may be on your shoulders at any time, very helpful, and would like to help you every step through the store to make sure you get everything you need, but also pay attention to you and make sure you don\'t pay with some of their products.
Good ways to stop people from shoplifting include hospitality, using a security system with a visual camera, requiring a door that sports to open and has a store layout, O\'Keefe said, forcing customers to walk by the cashier when they leave.
At the mastown market, Jennings says he has used a lot of this technology in his own store, as well as signs.
\"We have some signs at the entrance saying we appreciate the use of reusable bags, but please shop in our carts and baskets and we will be happy to fill them up for you,\" Jennings said.
\"It makes more sense to fill them up at checkout.
\"Still, O\'Keefe doesn\'t think that simply having a reusable bag will attract more people to steal from the store.
Many shop pickpockets, he said, are repeat offenders and have been stealing things for a long time.
\"It\'s not that they\'re an average shopper, because they have bags, so they have the intention to come in and steal things, just look at the bags as tools, he said.
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