why i won’t be using supermarket ‘green’ bags

by:Chengbai     2020-06-17
Ban on plastic bags has arrived
But can we still help?
Look at the extensive impact sheet-
The use and form of plastic in our environment
You can make changes now.
A reusable bag at Sydney Woolworths subway station.
Image source: Dallas worths Group, Dallas, Dallas Kilponen/AAPSource: some have pointed out that their alternatives may not be very good.
Studies have shown that reusable bags, such as the green bags commonly sold by Coles and Woolworths, must be used 104 times (
Weekly report for two years)
Make them greener than gray.
Use plastic bags.
This is because more materials and energy are needed to make environmental protection bags.
It is also worth noting that these bags are also made of plastic. Other non-
There is also a problem with plastic alternatives.
2016 report of the new State Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
It is found that a cotton bag must be used 131 times to equal the environmental impact of those individual cotton bags
Plastic bags used in supermarkets only once.
The Australian Cleaning Association recommends the use of sacks because they are made of a sustainable fiber that can be produced without much water.
\"The production of jute is not as much water as Cotton needs,\" a spokeswoman told the news . \". com. au.
\"It can grow very fast and harvest very fast.
\"Not the jute.
So we don\'t use food sources.
The most sustainable element to become a bag is jute or bamboo.
\"The benefit of these bags is that the jute is mainly grown overseas, so it will cost carbon to ship it to Australia.
While it is clear that there is no perfect choice, many people seem to be using this to suggest that the plastic bag ban is meaningless, even just a way for supermarkets to make money, and I disagree.
Whether the supermarket saves money is a separate question because the reality is that plastic bags are not free.
Whether it\'s at checkout or in the future when we have serious landfill problems or when we have to spend money to clean up the ocean, someone has to pay for them.
Pricing on plastic is an important step in changing the way we think because it is a \"free\" resource.
But when deciding to use other packages, I believe people need to choose the ones that are useful to them, because one thing is clear: you have to use them often to make them valuable.
As someone who has been trying to reduce the use of plastic for years, I realize that I don\'t like the green bags, in part because they are also made of plastic and because they are large and not washed well.
I also tried a yellow sack and I loved it until some laundry detergent spilled inside and I had to clean it, it was not easy to make the bag look sad.
I prefer cotton bags because I can put them in my handbag so that I am more likely to put them on me when I need them.
They also easily throw in the washing machine with my other laundry room.
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Source: supply EDI also started using LOQI bag made of polyester, which is also a form of plastic, but very compact and lightweight.
Since you can wipe it off, it\'s also easier to clean it up.
While not ideal for plastic use, I feel fine if it helps me avoid other one-time options.
If you have to use at least 100 bags to equal the environmental impact of disposable plastic bags, then it is very important for you.
I \'ve been using my bag and use it more than once a week on average, so I\'m sure my green money is worth it.
If the best package is what you don\'t use, then it makes no sense to fall into the bag that identifies the most \"green.
As they say, don\'t let perfection be the enemy of the good. charis. chang@news. com.
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