why a reusable shopping bag is the new must-have luxury item

by:Chengbai     2020-01-05
I know where all cool girls shop.
On the subway at McCallen Park in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, they purposefully cross the streets of Soho with the same black tote bag, from Los Angeles --Based on \"it\" ecology
Friendly women\'s clothing store, reform.
This tote bag is in black and white, strong, chic and simple, and is available free of charge when purchasing (
The brand is known for its clothing and costs about $200 on average).
Popular for its mix of style and sustainability, Reformation offers reusable shopping bags instead of paper or plastic shopping bags to reduce the impact on the environment.
But there is also an added benefit, that is, the core customers of the store-mainly young women in fashion-carry these handbags with them like wallets.
Long after their recent visit to the religious reform boutique, they communicated the other days with their black logo bag --to-
Therefore, it provides unparalleled grassroots advertising for stores.
This has been going on for many years.
Refinery 29 covers the trend of luxury handbags in 2015, describing the trends from Reformation, Strand (
A trendy mainstay bookstore in downtown Manhattan)
Japan is fast.
Uniqlo, the fashion giant, deliberately issued a fashion statement.
But all of this is a prelude to the latest weird iteration of fashion, in which Swedish affordable furniture chain Ikea is working with Gao
Fashion designer Virgil Abloh updated their iconic blue shopping bag, and Balenciaga sold their black and white leather version for $1100.
The latter example sounds particularly crazy, but the fact is that shopping bags have always been a marketing opportunity.
Famous low-key brown paper bag from Bloomingdale, Hermes bag in eggs
Egg yolk orange and Tiffany\'s bag in your eyes
Capture the blue-all as bold and outward --
Face the statement.
They told us where to shop.
However, although they have far-reaching effects, they are also limited.
Who uses traditional paper shopping bags more than once? (
Personally, I took my other recyclable items to the sidewalk. )
Now, the company creates interesting side effects by providing reusable bags to reduce the need for waste.
Disposable shopping bags offer a short brand moment, but they are always reusable.
Ikea sells its famous Frakta bag for $0.
99 everyone knows to connect this store with that amazing multi-functional crinkly blue handbag.
For example, when Balenciaga bought cheap basement handbags for $2,145, the Internet quickly called them and asked them to copy Ikea.
In the end, both companies benefited.
Balenciaga received a wave of publicity for its obvious mistakes, and IKEA responded with elegance and humor.
Yesterday, Balenciaga released a Mavericks version of the shopping bag for more than $1,000, which soon sold out, sparking another wave of internet anger.
Skeptics soon began to wonder if the luxury French fashion company was hyping, while the British Sun expressed its confusion in the title: \"Balenciaga sells a fake paper bag for 876-we don\'t understand why.
\"My suspicion is that although the leather shopping bag is definitely a bit tongue --in-
Cheek, this is also a very serious attempt to elevate the design to the icon state.
I didn\'t know what the Balenciaga shopping bags looked like before this week, did they?
At the same time, back to Ikea, the cooperation of vigil Arbor should be given to the public.
The market symbolizes the appeal of some hipsters, hypebeast.
In the end, both companies want their packages to have the same impact: identifiable, but also greedy.
The version of Balenciaga\'s reusable tote bag seems strange, but in fact it is in-
In its way, and in full compliance with the trend of its brand identity: very expensive and difficult to achieve.
I think we will soon see other people like it from the luxury sector.
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