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by:Chengbai     2020-01-17
Making reusable ChicDo you want to help with the environment, but tired of providing free advertising for your grocery store or department store?
Then you came to the right place.
Here are some retailers offering stylish, smart or simple alternatives to regular reusable bags.
If you really like your reusable bags, you may be more likely to make sure they are with you.
CredobagsSee offers reusable shopping bags, mesh product bags, bulk bags and classic string bags through the company based in Montreal, BagThis.
They use sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton, cannabis and bamboo.
They offer individual packages and packages ranging from $5 to $60.
Visit the Eco Parkfriendly bags.
BagguCheap, cute and reusable. . .
These bags look great and affordable!
They are made of \"tear stop nylon, a super durable long-lasting fabric \".
The more you buy, the more $8 buy one or less.
When it wears out, you can recycle it by sending it back to the company.
I have more than a dozen bags of different colors/patterns right now and I often give them as gifts and usually have gift packs (Please see the video below).
The color is bright and the bag is big.
I keep them in my wallet every day.
Grocery shopping, but they are perfectly acceptable for grocery shopping-(
One bag can hold two bags of milk and a large box of yogurt, or two packs of full-size toilet paper).
Visit Bagu Eco Parkfriendly bags.
LugLug has a wide variety of reusable and waterproof bags, regardless of the external pockets that come with them or not.
Some are stylish handbags and others are convenient and compact when not in use. My mother-in-
She likes this as a gift by law.
I have to say that every time I see it, I\'m a little greedy for it.
Beautiful color and soft texture.
The price range of the Lug package is wide and suitable for many budgets.
Visit the Eco Park
Friendly bags come with bags like the crazyThis program, helping retailers to use bright, sturdy, washable bags to deliver information about reusable bags to consumers that contain about 3
I have three light blue ones and highly recommend to buy them if you see them.
Bring your own bag to visit.
Bring your own bag and another website with canvas-produced bags and bags with environmental information, such as f * @ k plastic, reusable bags for I heart, and more.
Visit the online store and bring your bag.
My favorite bag designers Matt and NatDesigner StyleOne are Matt and Nat.
This is a company that has been established for ten years and its goal is to leave a positive mark on the planet, not a negative one.
All bags are designed with products that do not use any animal (
They use vegetarian leather).
Each season, they introduce new styles and colors for both men and women.
Visit the ecology of Matt and Natfriendly bags.
With so little time, I never thought that the old license plate would make such a stylish handbag. But guess what. . . they do!
A good idea.
Whether you want a celebrity that shows your favorite state, NHL team, or even a celebrity like Elvis, Little Earth will make handbags and larger bags to suit your multiple tastes.
Visit the ecology of the Little Earth
The friendly bagsFlip and TumbleThe flip and roll crash into a small ball that folds up to fit neatly.
It comes in five colors: black, aqua, evergreen, raspberry and aqua. $12 per pack.
The company will also take back any used flips and rolls and recycle them at the end of them.
Visit the flip and roll.
Choose a bag style, upload a favorite photo, and wait a few weeks for a reusable microfibre bag designed with your favorite image or image.
The styles include make-up bags, diaper bags, handbags, handbags, beach bags, satchel, backpacks, etc.
Reusable bags visit SnapTotes.
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