What to do if promotional cotton bags is damaged during shipping?
The damaged cotton bags will be returned and quality ones will be re-supplied. We will find out the reasons for the damage. We have signed contracts with the forwarders, to guarantee the rights during the service.

Zhejiang Zhejiang Chengbai Eco-friendly Science And Technology Co., Ltd Eco-friendly Science And Technology Co.,Ltd has been engaging in the design and manufacture of polyester bag. We have been regarded as a reliable producer in the industry. The non woven bags series is widely praised by customers. The product differs from traditional incandescents in the way they produce light. It produces light through the use of a semiconductor that emits light energy when an electrical current passed through it. The product is resistant to chemicals such as acid and alkali. This product has attained immense popularity among our large customer base. With stylish and vibrant elements, the product acts as a great advertisement tool.

Zhejiang Chengbai Eco-friendly Science And Technology Co.,Ltd proposes the idea of tote bag polyester first and tote bag polyester oriented. Check now!
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