walmart puts reusable bags at store checkouts to reduce plastic

by:Chengbai     2020-01-04
Walmart Inc.
Will provide reusable shopping equipment at all of its US cash registersS.
As the world\'s largest retailer, the store for the first time began to get rid of the use of the environment
Plastic bags that are not friendly
The company is launching 10 new designs at its 4,756 Wal-Mart bagging stations, each for 98 cents. branded stores.
This is more expensive than the reusable bags sold before. -
But those bags don\'t look that good.
People are caught everywhere in the store.
Retailers will still provide
Use plastic bags and old reusable plastic bags.
The packages are part of a broader sustainable business plan announced at a meeting Wednesday morning at Wal-Mart headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas.
At the heart of the effort is Wal-Mart\'s 2017 commitment to remove billions of tons of greenhouse gas emissions from the supply chain by 2030, equivalent to a year-long reduction of 0. 211 billion passenger cars on the road.
The company has taken these steps as President Donald Trump tries to overthrow Obama
Climate policy.
Shoppers usually only use plastic bags for a short period of time, but it may take 1,000 years for the same bag to be biodegradable.
In response, states were established in Hawaii, California and New York --
Extensive ban on plastic bags while hundreds of others in the United StatesS.
Jurisdictions require a surcharge for singles
Use of plastic bags or mandatoryStore recycling.
Wal-Mart\'s sales of new reusable bags in the pilot area \"increased significantly\"
A spokesman said they conducted the test.
Wal-Mart\'s new bag will be made of recycled plastic.
Reusable plastic bags made of recycled plastic have a lower environmental footprint than most individual plastic bagsuse bags --
Paper or plastic-
In order to make up for their more intensive production process, it is only necessary to reuse 4 to 11 times.
Wal-Mart shortened its order last year.
Plastic bags can save $20 million a year.
The company distributes up to 20 billion orders
Plastic bags are used every year in the United States. S.
According to Brandon Fletcher, an analyst at sunford Bernstein
Wal-Mart declined to provide data. —
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