wal-mart aims to curb plastic bag use

by:Chengbai     2020-06-03
NEW YORK (Reuters)-Wal-
Mart Stores Inc. will reduce the distribution of plastic shopping bags and encourage shoppers to reuse and recycle plastic bags as the retailer aims to reduce the waste of plastic bags by third by 2013.
The plan is expected to cut the equivalent of 9 billion plastic bags from stores every year and eliminate more than 0. 135 billion of plastic waste worldwide over the next five years.
The world\'s largest retailer said Thursday it aims to reduce plastic bag waste by 25% in the United States. S.
Stores and 50% in other countries.
Matt Kistler said: \"If we can encourage consumers to change their behavior and change only one package at a time, we believe that real progress can be made in our goal of creating zero waste. Senior Vice President, sustainable developmentMart. Wal-Mart’s U. S.
The store will start selling the new 50-
In October, more effective packaging training will be carried out for their luggage.
Earlier this month, it launched a reusable bag at a store in Mexico
Third less than before.
The move comes in the context of global efforts to curb the use of plastic bags, which environmental activists say could take 1,000 years to break up and pose a threat to marine life, birds and other animals.
Earlier this year, San Francisco became the first AmericanS.
Cities that are not illegal
Biodegradable plastic bags from large supermarkets, California has enacted a law requiring large stores to take back plastic bags and encourage them to reuse them.
China consumes 37 million barrels of crude oil per year and produces more than 1 trillion plastic bags.
Thin plastic bags, usually used once and then thrown away.
Countries such as Rwanda and Bangladesh have imposed plastic bag bans, while Italy will impose them by 2010.
Environmental activists cheer for Walmart
Some say Wal-Mart\'s activities are not deep enough.
\"We applaud their efforts, but reaching 33% by 2013 is not a very radical goal. It’s doable . . .
By 2010 or 2009, \"said Stephanie Barger, executive director of Costa Mesa, California --
Headquartered in the Earth Resources Foundation, it is responsible for the campaign to fight the plastic plague \". ” A Wal-
A Wal-Mart spokesman will submit a comment on the timing of the plan to the retailer\'s partner in developing the plastics reduction program, the Environmental Protection Fund.
\"I think the way they work is the way they work for them,\" said Gwen Ruta, vice president of partnerships at EDF.
\"They will try a lot of different things to see what works best and move forward, but with clear, very measurable goals and timelines.
EDF says it has partnered with Wal-Mart
Starting in 2005, retailers began to seriously implement the green program. Ruta said Wal-
Mart has been looking for different ways to reduce the use of plastic bags, from the loose bag staff who trained it to pack bags more efficiently or possibly redesign them.
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