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by:Chengbai     2020-01-06
We ask if you think plastic shopping bags should be banned.
That\'s what you have to say.
To reduce the use of plastic bags, we can do something right away: 1.
When shopping, combine the items you buy from different stores into two bags. 2.
Make all grocery chains use the extra cost of free cartons and plastic bags. 3.
Encourage people to reuse plastic bags by banning the sale of small plastic bags
Garbage bag size.
By raising corporate awareness and public education, a 50% reduction target can be achieved. Wilma Sung-
I don\'t know why I went to New York.
Biodegradable bags are not mentioned in all of these bag conversations.
Stores can purchase these environmental alternatives that degrade in landfill sites in about two years.
We are launching a neighborhood initiative that allows small retailers nearby to share in a common oxo
The bio-release bag, with a list of directories for all participants on one side and photos of the area on the other.
Retailers need to know that they can choose to help reduce plastics that take decades or hundreds of years to degrade.
Caroline Reuben, has torento heard the word \"paper or plastic?
\"Well, if we ban plastic, we also have to ban paper to some extent, otherwise we end up changing the demand and cutting down more trees.
I recommend using biodegradable bags instead of plastic or paper bags currently in use.
Toruntoi does not know if it is necessary to ban it in full.
Reusable bags are much better, but I don\'t always have one when I need it.
The store should give you a 5-
If you have your own bag instead of letting them tax, the US Chapter is eliminated.
If you need a bag, the cashier should ask first.
Shoppers may realize they don\'t.
Christina friend, why do you want to pick a plastic bag?
Unlike disposable razors, they are reusable.
How many razors are thrown away every day in Ontario?
Should we also ban these and let everyone change to a solar electric shaver?
When they started charging for plastic bags, toruntoi lived in Ireland.
This is a good idea, and I don\'t think we should wait to follow suit until we realize that voluntary reduction of use fails.
The municipal government should also consider including plastic bags in the blue warehouse recycling plan.
Ted Ma, what about those of us who need bags to \"poop and spoon?
The Green Road is definitely better than this.
The complete ban on plastic shopping bags by Fred Ho in Toronto will not result in the required reduction.
I will have to go and buy the plastic trash can liner instead of using my Loblaws or Dominion bag;
Instead of my Galati or Sobeys bag, I\'m going to buy a plastic dog sco bag.
What we need to get rid of is the stupid
Non-standard packagegrocery stores. The one-book or one-
The cd pack we got from Indigos and HMVs in the city.
Plastic shopping bags are prohibited (
Mainly from grocery stores)
It will only result in spending more on different kinds of plastic bags. Let\'s get real. Martin Kuplens-
EPUB, costtono decor and Costco have reserved cartons for customers.
I don\'t understand why other stores can\'t start doing this today.
I really like the idea of charging 25 or 50 cents per pack-paper bags --
And send money to food banks or other local charities. P.
Lee, auaugawhat I remember when I was a kid, what happened to the paper bag in the grocery store in Quebec?
Each person holds about three times as many items as the Loblaws\' stupid plastic bag, and you can use them at home to wrap the parcel of the post.
When you open groceries at home, they are also easier to pile up in your car and stand upright.
Also, the clerk must learn to pack your groceries carefully and not throw things into Willie-
Like they did today.
Cynthia Hawkins (Cynthia Hawkins) of the hobtour family uses plastic shopping bags to collect garbage.
If they are banned, we will have to use plastic bags like many others.
Where are the benefits?
Lisa Bradley of BramptonI agreed that we should ban plastic bags, but provide a suitable alternative to environmental protection.
Steve Campodonico, auaugai, is in full favor of the ban.
I have used \"reusable\" bags and prefer them;
They are stronger than plastic.
Every little bit is important.
King McCredy of London
We all need to do our part to help the environment, so yes, no plastic bags.
Stephen Wolf of Eagle Lake Ontario
I\'m not sure if I support the plastic bag ban.
I use all the bags I bought for garbage or other similar purposes so I don\'t have to buy plastic kitchen garbage bags or lunch bags (
This will defeat the purpose).
I usually shop after getting off the TTC on my way home.
I don\'t want to carry a heavier vinyl bag with me in case I want to pick up some groceries.
There must be more creative ways to solve this problem.
Sean Marshall of shoptoi believes that it is a good idea to eliminate plastic bags and replace them with reusable bags.
However, I was not impressed when a grocery retailer offered very small reusable bags that made them unavailable.
In addition, they also received 99 cents.
Why are these bags not charged for plastic bags?
It should be the opposite way.
Why is it difficult for the person in charge to make a logical choice?
Paul Pannozzo from EtobicokeNext, we will be forced to reduce the amount of organic waste we make because we don\'t have plastic bags in green trash cans.
Torborvin, it\'s stupid to make a ban.
Pet owners rely on plastic bags to clean up animal waste.
Homeowners use plastic bags in their green bins, not to mention re-use
Use these bags to bring lunch to work or school!
Put plastic bags outside and focus on important things like car emissions.
Stephanie Geosits, costtoi, is interested in knowing what all dog owners will use.
They scooped poop in large quantities of plastic bags.
They should definitely be the target.
They put a little bit of garbage in a big bag.
Christine Szymanski, who loves my plastic bag, bought me extra bags to clean up my dog\'s mess.
Hey, it just means there will be extra bags for me at checkout. Thanks.
Mark Boyce, torunine, Netherlands, you have to buy plastic bags from the grocery store.
When Dutch people shop in supermarkets and small shops, they bring their own large shopping bags made of cloth or plastic, which you can buy in supermarkets, kitchens and electrical stores.
Bringing your own shopping bags also reduces the amount of plastic bags you accumulate at home and will eventually be thrown away.
Susan redder, Amsterdam is, but until the publisher stops cutting down our forest for newspaper.
Not only should supermarkets be encouraged to give up their plastics, but companies like Sears (
People who waste a lot of plastic)
, Bay, household goods, etc.
, Needs to be encouraged to ask customers if they want a package and set up some kind of reward plan.
Nora McClure, plastic shopping bag in North York class, two things happen: 1.
Since there are many people who don\'t pick up their dogs, our city will smell like a toilet at once; 2.
The Green warehouse plan will be shaken.
People don\'t put food directly in the trash, because it\'s impossible for people to keep a trash can around their property because the garbage collector doesn\'t completely empty the trash.
I won\'t wash the bin alone.
Dan franagan of tolontoy is still stupid because people don\'t want to ban plastic bags or pay for them in stores.
After living in Europe for two years, it is standard practice to buy plastic shopping bags at all grocery stores.
All other stores tend to use some sort of paper shopping bag.
We just didn\'t get it in Canada.
Sabrina Sartori, domtoit is a good idea, but it would be a better idea if all the garbage bags were made of biodegradable materials.
I have started using reusable grocery bags, but now I need to buy thicker garbage bags instead of plastic grocery bags I use for kitchen garbage.
How about green?
Sam Brunetti of toruntoy doesn\'t think the responsibility lies entirely with the people who shop.
Stores need to educate their front-end clerk on how to pack groceries.
At check-out, the cashier used too much luggage to go beyond the necessary range.
Cheryl Bradley, plastic bags should be completely banned within a year.
They are contaminated in the production, transportation, recycling or disposal of landfill sites.
Waterloo, Ont.
Of course, they should be banned.
Plastic bags are made from oil. we all know that we are heading towards the oil crisis.
These bags are not biodegradable and fill our landfill.
It makes more sense to use reusable cloth bags.
I suggest we go further and start to force the packaging manufacturer to use fully recyclable materials in the packaging.
A lot of things we use every day can\'t be recycled.
Service packaging will only cause this problem.
Melissa Miller, Windsor, Ontario
We became the country of plastic bags.
For groceries, forget about it, use the fabric, roll it up and store it in your personal belongings (bag).
Plastic bags can be seen everywhere: on the lawn, on the branches, on the street drainage ditch, in the park.
Plastic bags that are not biodegradable should be banned.
Rita Daddario of toruntoi has always despised plastic bags, especially at grocery stores, as this bag only holds 3 to 4 items before it is \"full.
I \'ve been busy around blue A & P recycling grocery bags for months and can put 5 plastic bags worth in A recyclable grocery bag.
They are sturdy and easy to carry, items are left in the bag and are not scattered in the trunk.
Let\'s face it: we live in a one-off society.
We are spoiled and lazy.
We should also ban plastic water bottles or impose heavy taxes on them.
A long time ago, we drank the water in the faucet. it doesn\'t matter. we used our own bags to shop. it doesn\'t matter.
People complain because they are lazy, but they have no choice to adapt.
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