victoria’s state government to ban bags from all retail outlets

by:Chengbai     2020-05-31
Ban on plastic bags has arrived
But can we still help?
Look at the extensive impact sheet-
The use and form of plastic in our environment
You can make changes now.
Victoria is expanding the ban on plastic bags.
Image source: the Victorian government has foreshadowed a ban on singles
Plastic shopping bags have been used across the state since November.
The ban includes supermarkets, fashion boutiques, fast-
Lifeng food outlet, convenience store and service station-
Effectively closed a bug that allowed bags to continue using after Coles and Woolworths stopped distributing their luggage 12 months ago.
National Environment Minister Lily d. ambrosio told reporters today that the ban was intended to have an impact on the environment.
\"Victorian people use more than one billion of these bags every year;
In our environment, more than 10 million of the garbage will eventually become garbage, \"she said.
\"We know it\'s not good enough.
A new ban on plastic bags was lifted in November.
Picture: John GraingerSource: the press group Australia bill submitted to Parliament today was marked on last June and will require cross-support from the Upper House to pass.
It allows the distribution of bags for fruits, vegetables and meat, as well as thicker garbage bags.
Opposition Leader Michael O\'Brien said he still needs to see how the ban will be implemented.
\"It doesn\'t matter to say throw away the plastic, but what are you going to replace it? ” he said.
\"People need to have other options.
The news came after Woolworths and Coles banned singles for 12 months.
Plastic bags are used nationwide.
Plastic bags will soon be banned in all retail stores in Victoria.
Picture: Peter Rae/AAPSource: AAPWoolworths says shoppers are still changing their habits, but overall the impact on the environment is huge.
The supermarket giant says it has cut 3 billion plastic bags from stores in the past year, equivalent to 4,700 tons of plastic in the environment. Single-
The use of plastic bags has been banned in South Australia, Queensland, the ACT and Western Australia.
Brad Banducci, CEO of Woolworths Group, said, \"it is clear that Australia has formed new habits \".
\"We recognize that change has never been easy, especially when it comes to habitual things like grocery shopping,\" he said . \".
Woolworth says plastic bags have dropped by 3 billion in the past 12 months.
Picture: Peter Rae/AAPSource: AAP \"after we phase out single for a year --
Using plastic bags, it is clear that Australians have developed new habits and accepted a more sustainable way of shopping using reusable plastic bags.
\"We are very grateful to our customers for joining us on the journey to help clean up Australia\'s waterways for the benefit of local communities and marine life.
\"We also understand that we can do more to help create a real circular economy and fully support the packaging targets of 2025 countries of the Australian Packaging Convention organization.
Greg Davis, Coles chief operating officer, said that Coles supports shoppers to complete the transformation.
\"When we announced on 2017 that we were going to remove the lightweight single --
\"Using plastic bags from our store, we know we have to support customers and help them develop new shopping habits,\" he said . \".
In last December, the National Retail Association estimated that the national consumption of plastic bags fell by 80 in less than six months after the new rules were implemented.
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