types of flexible packaging materials and where they are used

by:Chengbai     2020-06-25
Packaging material is a material used for the safety, protection, control and delivery of goods by the manufacturer to the end user.
Packaging materials can be of any type such as glass, aluminum foil, steel, plastic or cardboard.
Nowadays, there are different types of packaging materials used, such as large bag liner, vacuum bag, thermoformed film, inner bulk liner, laminated film and top liner film.
These bags are made of polyethylene and nylon to ensure high moisture protection.
Therefore, this flexible packaging material is used to protect food such as fish, meat and medicines.
These materials are combined by most people with a vacuum sealer, but since they are completely waterproof it is easy to be used as a vacuum bag.
The large bag liner on the back and the large bag liner are made of polypropylene woven fabric with electrostatic and UV inhibitors as well as a mesh elating tape.
These bags can easily hold two and a half
Wet and dry materials such as food, cement, agricultural products and feed.
These products are widely used to manage waste products to ensure a healthier and cleaner working space.
The damage of these materials is also small compared to other containers, because of the polyethylene layer, it becomes moisture-proof.
The materials also improve the appearance because of clean and white, and ensure a high quality printing of the company\'s logo and name to improve positive representation.
Thermoforming films these films help to ensure the protection of products with better impact resistance, they are the best choice for food and non-food
Food industries such as dried fruits, vegetables, dairy products and health care.
These types of films also have strong mechanical properties, so they are leak-proof and puncture-resistant.
These films can easily maintain strength at freezing point, and they have good optical properties for basic films.
To extend the shelf life, these materials have different oxygen transfer rates.
These types of films include films with double caps, films with breathable caps, movies with special caps, and movies with high barriers.
These types of packaging films are used for packaging non-
Foods and foods such as cheese, poultry, meat, marine food, health care and baked goods.
These products also offer a better shelf life and they have puncture resistance due to their huge range of oxygen transfer rates.
These packaging products also have instant sealing performance that increases production and faster machines.
These are double oven films that can be used in the packaging of frozen foods or any product that needs to be heated in a microwave or oven, as they are heat resistant.
These films are the best choice for cups and trays as they are metallized, transparent and recoverable forms.
To ensure safety, high barriers are used to prevent deadly bacteria, and oxygen control in the product can also be ensured.
These packaged products are sealed to increase stronger barriers to moisture, external contaminants and some pests.
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