totes goods, saves the planet, costs a bunch

by:Chengbai     2020-05-29
There\'s paper.
There are also reusable Hermes shopping bags worth $960.
Originally designed to be picky Europeans, earned the US this summer, and if it sounds like an exotic fluke, consider the new $843 Marni grocery handbag by the Italian designer with the Consuelo Castiglioni brothers.
Or an organic cotton canvas shopper worth $495 will launch from Stella McCartney in June. Or the now-
Famous I\'m not a plastic bag from British handbag designer Anya sindemage, who sold more than 10 times on EBay for $15.
Even the latest addition to the deal Joe lineup: bright blue-and-
The green printed polypropylene supermarket bag that has been removed for $1. 99.
In the integration of politics and ecology
Another great green concept for consciousness, fashion and global business seems to be ready for mainstream consideration:your-
Your own shopping bag
Until recently, strong cloth bags, which are common in Europe, were mainly confined to farmers\' markets and health food companies in the country. ops (
Even there, only in the Bird\'s Nest.
The most beautiful style and color).
Now, whether they are fashionable, expensive or cheap, cheerful, they are a series of self-expression.
Part of the power comes from the environment.
Among the people with ecological consciousness,or-
The problem of plastic is a problem of Evergreen.
Paper bags mean dead trees and paper.
Factory pollution, but most plastic bags come from oil, produce garbage, block landfill sites and take thousands of years to break down.
Earlier this year, San Francisco became the first major city in the United States. S.
Non-use is prohibited in cities-
Biodegradable plastic shopping bags.
Since then, cities from Boston to Berkeley have made similar suggestions.
Los Angeles County is looking at options ranging from outright bans to better recycling education;
The city of Los Angeles is considering a pilot project with the state in which grocery chains will distribute reusable, subsidized canvas bags.
However, the trend of reusable shopping bags has also been driven by the fashion industry, especially in Europe, where consumers tend to shop --
Daily shopping and legal encouragement of repeated use of bags-
The designers caught the old one.
Fashion handbags like stylists will handle an aging hippie at a beauty salon.
A spokeswoman for Hermes, for example, said their new silky pop music
Silk tote bag folded in wallet
The calf size of the small bag is as a high
End alternative for extra folding
Many European women have already put shopping bags in their wallets. (
\"Say you go out for a walk.
\"You decided to pick a few apples, take out your bag, and then add quickly:\" Although it\'s clear that Hermes customers don\'t usually shop for their own groceries, \"she explains. \")
Stella McCartney organic canvas shoppers are both an expression of the designer\'s ecology
According to her spokeswoman, consciousness and a luxury handbag.
Castiglioni said that her foldable nylon bag was inspired by the desire to stop the use of plastic and her growth experience: \"reusable shopping bags are common in Italian food shopping traditions, she explained by emailmail.
At the same time, I am not a plastic bag, a canvas shopping bag with the above statement, and a London non-profit organization launched the 2004 campaign to convince the public there to change their way of life for the benefit of the environment.
All we have to do is run.
Org requires consumers to reduce the number of plastic bags used and recruit luxury handbag designer Hindmarch to create fashionable choices for shoppers.
The bag was sold out within a few days after the debut.
This month\'s fashion magazine mentioned the four weapons when it called for weapons of all kinds, urging fashionistas to become more packs --
Wise: \"Don\'t hang out, girls . \" Special editor Sarah Mower warned.
\"Today, let\'s go out and use the power of fashion to change the way the country is shopping.
A fashion rebellion in supermarkets, delicatessens, pharmacies and designer stores and market stalls is the rejection of plastic bags.
Take out your own wonderful choices.
Let people stareBreak a habit. Set a trend.
\"Is the American consumerS.
Another problem is obedience.
Ireland taxed plastic bags.
Customers in British supermarkets usually get small prizes and discounts for bringing their own bags or recycling old ones.
Later this year, the ban on plastic bags will be imposed in Paris, and the rest of France will be imposed by 2010. But the U. S. isn\'t Europe.
Carrying bags spill out of the country\'s closets and mess up the country\'s door handles, and most Americans still find it inconvenient to move back and forth to the supermarket.
\"I have teenagers,\" said Andy Develin, vice president of sales at Superbag, a major plastic bag maker in Texas, who thinks recycling is a better answer.
\"I just don\'t know how to take 10 to 12 reusable bags to the grocery store once a week.
\"Still, whether it\'s activists or designers, it\'s hoped that Americans might consider changing habits, which will drive nearly 90% of the market to bring home disposable plastic. (
In California alone, 19 billion plastic bags fall off in a year. )
Joe Merchant\'s restaurant near Crystal Bay, Orange County, 33-
Annual crew member Mike McGrath said he saw a significant increase in personal package usage ---
He added that it could be due to the store\'s monthly sweepstakes, which presented $50 gift certificates to customers who brought their own gift certificates.
On March, at nearby Corona del, a stall near the Albertsen checkout counter was offering reusable brown shops --
Brand bag, 10 dollars;
Checkers there say customers are using them more and more.
\"We want to help people play.
\"Use bag habits,\" joked Andy Keller, a former software salesman from Chico, California. , whose $4. 99 pocket-
At the Bristol farm and other stores, Chicago has always been large. Though the gem-
The colorful foldable bags, he said, moved slowly at first, and later, as more and more shops began to stock up, schools and non-profit organizations took them as novel fundraising items and they had taken off.
He added that initiatives like San Francisco raise awareness, or Oprah Winfrey suggested reusable packages in a recent environment, which doesn\'t hurt --themed program.
\"This must be a turning point,\" Keller said . \"
\"We have seen sales grow by 30% month on month since the beginning of the year.
\"Boutique owner Ron Herman, one of the few American businessmen who will carry American wineS.
I was not a plastic bag when it arrived this summer and was equally optimistic.
Herman said he was
Sold more than 100 in less than 20 minutes
Mail customers last week.
Wendy Bryan in West Los AngelesA.
The graphic designer promised that there would be a reward for using the bag repeatedly.
She recently won an invitation from local businessman Joe. your-own-bag raffle --
She\'s not even Hermes.
\"It\'s just an old \'I love newny\' bag with this very stupid underwater scene on one side,\" she said . \".
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