tiny canadian town enacts ban on plastic bags

by:Chengbai     2020-01-03
TORONTO (Reuters)-
On Monday, a small Canadian town claimed to be the first city in North America to ban retailers from using plastic bags in order to maintain its pristine environment.
The town\'s manager said that Leaf Rapids, a mining town about 975 km kilometers north of Manitoba (610 miles)
Northwest Winnipeg has ordered retailers to stop giving or selling single
Use plastic bags from Monday.
Illegal shops face $1,000 ($865)fine.
The move is the latest step for Leaf Rapids in cracking down on bags scattered across streets and landfill sites.
Until a similar ban passed last week in San Francisco has not yet taken effect, the ban became law.
\"Leaf Rapids has always been an environment community,\" said bond Ryan, administrator . \".
\"This is a relatively new community built in the 1970 s, and it was built with environmental considerations.
According to Ryan, last year it imposed a $3 tax on each plastic bag donated by local merchants, which halved the plastic bags used by about 50,000 residents.
Last fall, Leaf Rapids decided to go a step further, with a company in Ontario that produces reusable shopping bags close to the town, directly banning the use of these shopping bags after a full ban on the use of individual shopping bags
Use plastic bags.
The company proposes to set up an education program in a local school and help promote the program.
Since then, Leaf Rapids have given around 3,000 reusable polypropylene bags to 600 residents of the town, and Ryan says they support the ban.
\"In any case, people will act on their own once the municipalities say they will take steps to reduce the use of shopping bags,\" he said . \".
The planned community Leaf Rapids built to support copper and zinc is not the first to crack down on plastic bags.
Ireland taxed them in 2002, reducing their usage by 90%.
Meanwhile, some communities in Australia have banned them from shopping in retail stores since 2003.
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