this small town \'had to take a stand\' against plastic, so it handed out 800 reusable bags

by:Chengbai     2020-05-31
The wave of change is the CBC series exploration single
Use the plastic we discard and why we need to clean up our behavior.
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A small town on the northern edge of Bonavista Bay is aggressively cutting the single population. use plastics. New Town-Wes-
The valley has purchased about 800 reusable shopping bags for free to residents and plans to reduce the number of plastic shopping bags entering the landfill.
\"We must make our position clear.
We have to start somewhere, right?
Mayor Kenneth hores said.
BYOB: bring your own bag when the NLC removes the plastic before November.
1 plastic bag ban on Happy Valley table-
Goose BayHoyles acknowledged that it would take time for community residents to participate in the program.
But if the town continues to ban plastic bags in full, there must be an alternative, he said. New-Wes-
The valley hopes that other communities will follow their example and provide reusable bags to the public.
Starting from a young age, coming up with a viable plan is the key to success in a new environmental plan, Hoyles said.
\"Who is it if we don\'t take a stand?
Hoyles told Radio CBC\'s Newfoundland morning, \"We need to do it for future generations, and, of course, for us as seniors . \".
\"If everyone makes a small change, as we do as a town, we can certainly make a huge change together.
Hoyles said, \"The community\'s budget has responded positively to the new policy, but the town has not stopped.
The next stage is to engage with the business community to see where the town can implement reusable bags at the retail level.
From 2019 onwards, the town has included reusable shopping packages as an annual environmental initiative, with a commitment to making all town activities eco-friendly, Hoyles said.
\"Our goal is to reduce waste,\" he said . \"
\"This problem needs to be solved now.
We don\'t have that time.
Our universe is flooded with plastic, so we have the opportunity to start educating our people and move forward on this issue.
\"Education is important and it is often found that plastic bags are trapped in trees, in ditches on the side of the road, and even torn and tattered in water bodies, which is a problem that needs to be solved, says hores.
It all starts with educating the public about the single impact.
The use of plastic is good for the environment, he said.
\"Education is part of it.
\"We need to educate our young people and we also need to educate our remaining citizens,\" he said . \".
\"Of course, we are not the only town.
Every town has
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