think cloth bags are better for the environment? think again

by:Chengbai     2020-06-01
Originally published on Sept. 14, 2018.
There is plenty of evidence that plastic pollution is harmful to the environment and it takes a long time for plastic to break down.
But if you think cloth shopping bags are the solution, it\'s time to think about it again.
The British government\'s study of the environmental impact of the life cycle of various shopping bags found that cloth bags have a much larger environmental footprint than plastic bags. \"You have to re-
Before hitting a traditional plastic bag similar to light weight, cotton bags were used multiple times, \"said jonnamyhofffry, one of the study\'s associates.
The author told Michael enlet, the host of the Sunday edition.
\"We find that you have to re-examine the assumptions we make.
Used 131 times.
\"Based on a weekly shopping trip, it takes more than two years of regular use.
Sunday Edition: Visit the aisle of Ottawa\'s first \"zero waste\" grocery store prison using plastic bags: Does Kenya\'s strict ban help or hurt its people?
\"We first evaluate the energy and resources needed to extract the material, so the extraction of crude oil is used for plastic production, or in the case of cotton bags, to grow cotton, to process and to produce bags ourselves; using the bag;
Then deal with them when they are no longer available, \"Fry explains.
\"It is clear that plastic bags also require resources and processing, but the associated effects are not as large as cotton bags.
\"From reusable bags to\" zero waste \", grocery stores try to get green, while many consumers have a bunch of bags at home and often forget to catch them while shopping.
\"You have to train yourself,\" Fry said . \".
She suggested you put a bag in the car. Another tip?
Write \"bag\" at the top of the shopping list \".
Enright and Fry talked about why this study can\'t forgive us for feeling guilty about the spread of plastic in our environment.
Click on the \"list\" above to hear the full interview.
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