the plastic bag scourge: it\'s time to declare war.

by:Chengbai     2020-06-01
The Los Angeles Times recently commemorated
The first anniversary of the California plastic bag ban-
The first one in the United StatesS. -
It is reported that there is still no food from the market to the table --
The plague broke out, and if they chose not to join frugal shoppers, no one was willing to spend 10 cents on paper or thick reusable plastic bags.
In the end, the only thing they lost was 13 billion pieces of pure plastic that disrupted the trees, blocked the rainwater pipes, poisoned the animals, and contaminated the waterways.
This is not a typo.
13 billion bags a year.
This makes you ask why New Jersey is not working across the state to eliminate this aerodynamic threat because the project is already in the blue --
Leaning back on Tynek and red
Inclined Long Beach Twp.
During the Green tenure
Inclined governorThemini-
The prosperity of the municipal plastic bag law creates an atmosphere that should be driven by these facts: we have a 4. 5-billion-bag-a-
In New Jersey, less than 5% of these bags are recycled, and the only way to eliminate this scourge is to induce shoppers to buy BYOB.
There are two types to do this.
Single is prohibited
Use plastic bags completely and add a fee for all other carrying bags.
The ban is radical and effective for California.
Another way to charge a small fee for thin plastic bags everywhere has proven to be more effective in influencing consumer behavior, while also preventing the plastics industry from filing a lawsuit.
We like the bill initiated by Senator D-Valerie vayeri Horter
Bergen, implemented five
Cents for plastic bags (
The elderly are exempt from tax)
Allow the store to keep a penny and use four cents to reduce garbage and lead.
A thorough ban is politically difficult: Plastic trade has enjoyed unregulated markets for decades and is not friendly to the ban.
The grocery trade can also be outrageous (
Thin plastic 1-
3 cents, 8-10)
But in the case of hutle, she said: \"The Food and Water Commission supports the bill . \".
Also, a complete ban on thin plastic means that paper and thick plastic bags are still free to use as they are classified as \"reusable\" and customers will usually choose the next free option --
Let the plastic grow in circulation and landfill.
Fees changed the dynamics of checkout: when customers were asked if they wanted to \"buy a bag\", consumption dropped sharply, and people dug out both canvas and cotton bags stacked in utility closets.
In the city of charge-
Todd from San Jose. C. -
Consumers have learned to bring these reusable bags to cars, strollers, bikes, or carts.
The goal is cultural change.
But just New York-
Baykeeper, New Jersey reports that at any given time there are 0. 165 billion plastic particles swimming around New York Harbor, and culture is not the only thing that needs to be changed here. BookmarkNJ. com/Opinion.
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