the most coveted things to buy on your summer trip

by:Chengbai     2020-01-30
Losing yourself in another country and immersing yourself in local culture is a great pleasure in life.
Shopping does not hurt at all.
Yahoo Style offers you five of the best summer clothing accessories and accessories.
The most popular items are: kaftans from Morocco, woven bags from Mexico or customized silk
Pajamas made in Vietnam
When you buy these staples from these countries, you know you won\'t be fast
But rather, it\'s a real deal.
Scroll down to see the top five summer destinations we purchased.
Mrs. Ka from Morocco is worn all over the world, but in Morocco, they have been considered staple food in the wardrobe since the 16 th century.
Women often wear casual outside, during the day-to-
Going out during the day, but also advanced-
When you need to wear fashionable clothes, the advanced custom style kaftans worn on special occasions.
If you can\'t go to Morocco, buy this kaftan style from the Muzungu Sisters: Jasmine embroidered cotton Kaftan, $645, net-a-porter. com.
Silk pajamas from Vietnam, silky pajamas are not only standard clothing, but also very affordable compared to the rest of the world.
Choose one of the many Saigon Studios and choose one from countless color cards and fabric designs to create the perfect pajamas.
Then tailor-made pajamas for you.
Who needs Olivia von Halle when you can do this?
Though, if you can\'t get all the way to Vietnam, Gucci does offer a beautiful Asia-
Inspired pajamas set.
Of course it will cost you.
Silk shirt from Gucci Flora Snake, $1,800, gucci.
In addition to the beautiful beaches, Mexico has a rich heritage of art, architecture and design, especially in embroidered dresses in the country, wide
Hat, vibrant carpet, colorful woven basket.
There is no doubt that the woven basket will have an important moment this summer, so why not buy one directly from the source?
If you can\'t go to Mexico, pick up this tote bag from Truss.
It was actually made in Oaxaca and, fortunately, it was an international vessel.
Truss NYC woven plaid handbag, $215, farfetch.
According to ancient Greek mythology, God and Goddess will wear sandals made in Crete, and every pair of sandals will be endowed with fabulous power.
Greek sandals have been a staple in the country for centuries.
The best souvenir from this country is handmade
The sandals are made of leather.
If you can\'t go to Greece, Ancient Greek Sandals can create Greek sandals with local artisans
Inspired sandals use the same technique, but the style is decorated with modern distorted eyes like these.
High eyes of ancient Greek sandals, $280, ancient-greek-sandals.
ComBeauty products from Korean beauty products have exploded online.
Do you see those now?
Have you recently had a viral animal mask on your friend\'s Instagram or Snapchat?
They originated in South Korea.
Korean beauty products are the hottest products in the beauty market, and we encourage you to hoard if you can buy them directly from the source.
Fortunately, if you can\'t travel all the way to Korea, you can still get mouth watering Korean beauty products from Sephora or Sokoglam. com.
We recommend Dr.
Sephora, $42, mini milk skin from Jart Dermaclear. com.
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