the little-known guarantee on woolworths reusable bags

by:Chengbai     2020-01-03
While initial anger at the plastic bag ban on Coles and Woolworth may have subsided a bit, shoppers are still looking for a way to go to the supermarket if they forget to bring their own reusable bags, you can make a lot of money.
Designed to please ecology
Friendly shopper Woolworths has implemented a policy that means you only need to buy a 99 C green recyclable \"good bag\" once \".
Recently, a photo of one of the packages was posted on the Markdown Addicts Facebook page in Australia, noting that woolworth\'s policy is to replace it free of charge if the package is damaged.
This policy has been made clear outside the bag, but many consumers may not even notice it.
\"Use this package again and again.
If it is damaged, we will replace it for free, \"wrote the note on the bag.
When Coles and Woolworth announced they were going to phase out singles, they were all attacked by consumers.
Use plastic bags and replace them with thicker reusable bags, each for 15c.
In addition to a good replacement policy, online shoppers at Woolworths are asking to package their items into reusable plastic bags, it is possible to return the bags they do not want to the store and get a refund for the options that coles does not currently offer.
\"When your online reusable bags are recycled, woolworths advises on its website:\" Just hand them over to us when you receive new online orders, in order to recycle with REDcycle, we will refund 1 according to your latest order
Good bag-once-
Only policy seems to be welcomed by social media users on the Markdown Addicts page in Australia.
\"Thank you for posting,\" one wrote . \".
\"I didn\'t realize it. I get a msg [message]
Woolies reminded me to bring my luggage when I go to the mall.
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