the best small travel bags worth investing in

by:Chengbai     2020-06-10
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The travel experience is generally determined by the convenience and small luxury we can afford in transit. First-
First class flights and accommodation do not always enhance the only comfort of the journey.
Sometimes, find holesin-the-
The treasures on the wall can dine in the sunset view or enjoy the sunset view, which is enough for you to have an unforgettable adventure.
This bag that allows you to accompany you from takeoff to landing can also make you different.
Whether it\'s a quick road trip or a long trip
A good travel bag will help you stay organized for long flights.
The size is important because your bag must be large enough to accommodate your essentials, but it is compact and easy to move.
There are also a variety of designs for travel bags, each for form and function.
The pockets, compartments, straps and other details of the special travel bag have never been randomly integrated into the design.
The most popular investment travel bag of the Year-
From size, shape to hardware and even lining --
Implemented for very specific reasons.
SmythsonGreenwich holding all durable paint cotton is handmade and has the shape of abag that can carry everything you need when traveling.
The calf leather trim adds to the serenity and sophistication of Greenwich huddle.
Pockets are integrated for easy access and organization of necessities.
Leather top handles with removable tabs along with adjustable shoulder straps provide an easy choice for your travel tools.
Hand luggage label, Nile Blue
Stitching and suede lining pockets are small and luxurious details of Smythson and other pockets.
Shop nowbossbig tote bag with striped TrimTotes is perfect for packing travel essentials quickly and easily.
They make a fuss-
Especially for those who like to use travel bags for other activities, such as going to the gym, running errands on weekends or attending large board meetings.
BOSS reshapes this classic look by combining lush calf leather with sport tif stripe trim details.
The double leather handle is designed to be comfortable, and the linen interior improves the luxury of this handbag by several grades.
The pavilion NowValextraSoft Avieta Pilotina travel BagValextra is the ideal travel companion for individuals who tend to underestimate but different luxury items.
Function must be considered when designing.
Classic case: Timeless Avieta Pilotina. It is a 48-
The bag of the type of hourly briefcase can accommodate enough work items and clothing for long trips.
The interior design has compartments, chute and adjustable buckle straps to keep the tissue and integrity of the essentials even in motion.
The size fits the overhead compartment of the aircraft.
The calf leather, black Costa paint piping, silver hardware and letter signature options bring elegance to the old world to the travel bag and will keep you company for years in a row. Shop NowGlobe-
TrotterRiviera holdingthe tote Riviera is the latest collection of luggage to join the global coverage.
Inspired by the sparkling waters of the blue coast and the golden sky, this piece is handmade in the UK and uses only fine-
Textured beef leather.
The handle drop to 14 \"is easy to operate with the option of using a padded removable shoulder strap.
The Riviera is done in beach tones and is well coordinated with the rest of the luggage of the globe traveler.
It also recalls the happy days of coastal life.
There are several ways to carry the classic Le Foulonne from Longchamp: attach to the trolley by hand or reclining on the shoulder.
Le Foulonne, which was first launched in 1975, is a travel bag similar in shape to a medical bag with a variety of compartments to meet the needs of each jet. Drum-
Crafted to highlight timeless, versatile design, textured cowhide leather is ideal for exploring the world of fashion.
Buy unique hands-
Ambassade\'s Goyardine coated canvas with a pattern makes it stand out immediately.
This classic briefcase, shaped like a briefcase, is ideal for travel and daily use.
Its size, so it can accommodate the travel necessities especially on business trips.
The top handle and removable shoulder strap are adjustable for comfort.
The leather trim around the bag, with slit pockets on the outside, adds focus to the smooth outline.
Goyard\'s unique wanshouju linen lining with double pockets.
In the true form of Goyard, Ambassade is a daily, ubiquitous bag that can accompany you for many years.
French luxury suitcase maker Moynat knows how to make special items for travel.
Its beloved bag, sailing in a limousine, is an expression of uncompromising manual standards.
Inspired by the bottom of the trunk of the limo, this car is crafted in soft Taurillon Gex leather.
Its shape and size can accommodate a variety of daily necessities and necessities.
The canvas and leather detachable adjustable shoulder strap is easy to handle even during the long days of transportation.
Travel weekend BagA capacity (
Some bold)
Fun is at the heart of mcm dna.
In particular, its travel bag and travel bag adopt the unique and avant-garde printing and color style of the brand.
The travel weekend on the MCM trademark Visetos coated canvas highlights the label\'s current obsession with military design details.
It features neon orange eye-catching logo straps, luggage rings, cobalt hardware and leather top handles.
Louis Vuitton knows about luxury travel.
Whether it\'s the iconic suitcase, the logo-studded tote bag or the classic fast tote bag, life on the voyage inspires the work with the LV initials.
Made of soft Taurillon leather, the astrath50 is a more understated, timeless and elegant choice for travel bags.
This product comes in exquisite Galet or Magnolia tones, with leather top handles and shoulder straps for easy handling.
The soft silhouette gives it a relaxing appeal, while the gold hardware, padlocks, leather name tags, and an external flat pocket highlight Louis Vuitton\'s taste for an elegant travel bag.
Unlike the more famous sisters of Hermès studio, the varago Hotel is a quiet, inconspicuous style of the famous luxury hotel in France.
But like Kelly or Birkin, this product embodies luxury, comfort and timeless elegance.
Designed for jet aircraft
The most striking feature of Wallago is its softness, good
Round calf in Togo.
Large pockets on the front and back for easy packing and use of important travel essentials in transit.
The wide zip opening provides impeccable room for making other items.
The shape and size of varago is also large so that it can sit perfectly in the overhead cabin or sit next to you in your first room --class suite.
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