state and local bag taxes and bans face pushback

by:Chengbai     2020-01-05
More than 190 cities and towns in the United StatesS.
A tax on plastic shopping bags or an order is prohibited.
Last year, California lawmakers approved the country\'s first ban on plastic bags and tax on paper bags.
However, after years of success, people who advocate plastic bag bans and taxes found themselves facing strong opposition from state and local officials in 2015.
Arizona governor last monthDoug Ducey (R)
Laws have been signed prohibiting the use of plastic shopping bags in cities.
The new law hinders efforts to ban plastic bags placed on flagpoles and Tempe.
This year, in Missouri, Republicans took control of the state House and Senate and introduced another bill to stop local government bans and taxes.
It\'s not just Republicans who are not keen on banning plastic and paper shopping bags and taxing them. The Democrat-
The House of Maine recently vetoed two bills, one for tax on plastic bags and the other for a ban on plastic bags.
Recently, there have been two failures at the local level to support the ban on bags and taxes.
City council members in Blackford, an eastern Idaho town, recently rejected a proposal to ban plastic bags. Blackford is home to the Idaho Potato Museum.
In Southern California, Huntington Beach City Council voted last month to repeal the ban on plastic shopping bags that began in 2013.
\"We are adults, we know how to recycle, we know how to reuse, and I think most of the residents of Huntington Beach, including myself, have used paper,\" said Mike Posey, member of Huntington Beach: \"When he ran for office, he promised to abolish the ban on bags.
California will vote on November 2016 whether to enact a statewide plastic bag ban and paper bag tax passed by the State Council and signed into law by the governor.
Jerry Brown of 2014
Golden State residents can vote against the ban on plastic bags and still maintain their green reputation as there is no evidence that the ban has any effect on protecting the environment or reducing waste.
In fact, they may backfire.
Plastic bags prohibit forcing people to use reusable or paper bags at checkout.
According to Amy Caleta, a senior researcher at the Pacific Research Institute, \"paper bags produce more than four times the atmospheric pollutants and more than 15 times the water pollutants.
\"Paper bag production is also more energy-efficient than plastic bag production.
Forcing consumers to use reusable bags can also present health risks.
Many studies have found that reusable bags can be used as breeding grounds for food if not cleaned properlyborne illness-
Causing bacteria
When researchers tested reusable shopping bags in 2010 studies conducted in California, \"a large number of bacteria were found in almost all bags, with only half of the coliform bacteria.
\"California people don\'t have to look too far to see how plastic bag bans and taxes are not
Find a solution to the problem.
San Francisco banned plastic bags in 2007, making it the first city in the United States to ban them. S.
Subsequently, the city proved that the ban on plastic bags was not an effective tool to reduce garbage.
In fact, the garbage audit found that plastic bags actually accounted for a larger share of San Francisco\'s garbage after the ban came into effect.
In addition to posing a risk to public health and not having any benefit to the environment, there is evidence that plastic bag bans and taxes have had a negative impact on the economy.
In 2011, plastic shopping bags were banned from grocery stores, convenience stores and other retailers in Los Angeles County.
The ban applies only to non-autonomous areas in Los Angeles County.
A survey conducted by the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA)
It was found that corporate sales in LA County in the area where the ban came into effect fell, while sales of retailers not subject to the ban increased by more than 3%.
The NCPA report also found a negative impact on work: Plastic bag taxes failed as much in improving the environment as bag bans. Washington, D. C. ’s 5-
Each bag of US tax began in 2010.
A Washington Post survey found that of the $10 million raised in Washington, DC,C.
Bag tax, \"more funds are allocated to field trips on the salaries of schoolchildren and employees, rather than tangible clean-up projects in rivers and their basins.
\"This year, the State Council has blocked bad policies at the local level, and the state\'s priority in purchasing municipal bag bans and taxes is not the only area.
Lawmakers in Wisconsin, Nevada, and 18 other states have passed legislation this year to legalize ridesharing services. Stop protectionist efforts by local government officials to shut down Uber and Lyft\'s operational capabilities. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R)
Recently signed a bill banning local fracking laws, and lawmakers in the state of oakama passed a similar law this week.
Banning the tax package and the tax package is a failed policy experiment.
Fortunately, Arizona provides a model for state lawmakers who want to protect voters from the wrong tax and ban at the local level.
Patrick Gleason is the director of tax reform in the United States and a senior fellow at the Lighthouse Center in Tennessee.
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