signatures submitted to fight california plastic bag ban

by:Chengbai     2020-06-29
Business groups trying to overturn new California law banning singles
Using plastic bags Monday said they had collected enough signatures to hold a referendum in the November 2016 vote.
If the referendum is qualified, singles are banned for the first time in the country.
The use of plastic bags will be suspended before voters participate in the voting, effectively giving plastic bag manufacturers more time to buy plastic bags.
The United States progressive bags Alliance, a plastic bag manufacturing trade group, said it would submit more than 800,000 petition signatures to the county registrar before the deadline for Monday\'s referendum.
It will take about 505,000 valid signatures for the group to qualify, and it will take weeks for the counties to make this decision through random sampling.
The ban is planned to be gradually implemented in large grocery stores and supermarkets from July to reduce garbage and protect marine life.
Government, September.
Zhou Sen signed SB270.
Alex Padila
Los Angeles, take out plastic bags from the checkout counter of large grocery stores and supermarkets such as Wal-Mart
Starting next summer, Wal-Mart and Target, as well as convenience stores and pharmacies in 2016.
The act does not apply to bags used for fruits, vegetables or meat, nor to shopping bags used by other retailers.
It allows grocery stores to charge at least 10 cents for paper bags.
The law marks an important milestone for environmental activists who have successfully imposed plastic bag bans in cities across the United StatesS.
Including Chicago, Austin, Texas and Seattle.
Hawaii is also expected to impose a de facto ban across the state, with all counties approving it.
More than 100 cities and counties, including Los Angeles and San Francisco, have imposed such bans in California.
But plastic bag makers say the ban amounts to cash.
Gifts to grocers can lead to the loss of thousands of manufacturing jobs.
They say the California people now have a chance to get involved.
\"SB270 has never been a bill on the environment,\" said Lee Califf, executive director of Bag Alliance . \".
\"This is a back-office transaction between grocers and Union owners to defraud California consumers of billions of dollars in bag fees without providing any public interest.
\"Supporters of the statewide ban have attacked manufacturers for paying any price to continue selling plastic bags.
\"After spending more than $3.
1 million, of which 98% were raised outside the state, obviously, the plastic bag industry is more interested in its own profits than in reducing profits, threatening California wildlife and polluting unnecessary sources of pollution and waste in our oceans, coasts and communities, \"California.
Big plastic, coalition of environmental, labor and business groups supporting the national ban on plastic bags.
A recent poll by the University of Southern California\'s doensev/Los Angeles Times showed 6 out of 10 California voters supported the law.
The survey shows that support for banned plastic bags is even higher in communities that have been banned.
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