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by:Chengbai     2020-07-03
Two years after the statewide ban on light plastic shopping bags, Tasman continues to embrace a greener approach.
Friendly choice.
Since November 2013, all light shopping bags have been banned in Tasmania state, and major supermarkets charge 15 cents for each thicker, reusable shopping bag.
Wes Ford, director of the Tasmanian Environmental Protection Agency, said there was a major positive change in shopper behavior, and many shoppers chose to carry their own bags with them when shopping.
Coles Bay co-free plastic bag
Co-ordinator Ben Kearney said it was great for the Tasman to show leadership.
However, despite the fact that the campaign is very beneficial, many Tasman still choose to buy thicker plastic bag alternatives in supermarkets and retail stores.
\"This is the price of convenience and the price of the environment,\" Mr Kearney said . \".
\"In the next few years, a little bit of adjustment is needed to the edges.
\"A lot of reusable bags are still plastic products.
\"Ideally, what we want is for people to use bags that don\'t damage the marine environment because of their weight.
\"While biodegradable bags can replace thicker plastic bags, the latter is less costly to produce, and retail stores and supermarkets continue to benefit from the costs incurred by shoppers as a result of adopting alternative methods.
Ford said the availability of compost, biodegradable plastic bags was not restricted, but there was no plan for mandatory legislation.
South Australia, the bill, and the northern region have followed the Tasmania state ban on singles.
Use lightweight plastic bags.
Fremantle city recently proposed to set the thickness of plastic bags at a price that can be biodegradable, and paper bags are cost-competitive.
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