shoppers say bag ban will force them out of toronto

by:Chengbai     2020-06-26
Toronto\'s plan to ban plastic bags could lift shoppers in the suburbs out of the city\'s limits.
As of January, the city council of Toronto voted Wednesday to ban plastic bags.
1-but many people living in the surrounding community say that it only means they will buy groceries closer to home.
\"If I don\'t have a bag all the time, I have to shop after I leave Toronto,\" said Markham resident Jason Cui . \".
\"I\'m not going to protest the package ban, I just know I don\'t always have my own bag.
Because of this, I\'m not as good as shopping in Markham, where I can buy a plastic bag if needed.
\"Chui is one of many residents of Toronto GTA who work in Toronto but live outside of the city.
Although the ban will be implemented in Toronto, the peripheral community will not be affected.
There are more than 3 million people living in the surrounding area, and many businesses may be transferred from big cities.
Mark Ham resident Andrew Bennett said that while it now seems very \"vague\" about how the city will replace plastic bags, he can join the Toronto shopping outlet if their solution is to use only fabric bags.
\"When my wife goes shopping, she remembers to take reusable bags,\" Bennett said . \".
\"But I don\'t always remember if she asked me to pick something up on my way home.
Darlene Schulz, a Scarborough resident, points out that while she knows plastic bags are not the most eco-friendly, they are necessary.
She always has a fabric bag in her wallet, but sometimes not everything is in it, and at the end there are often two plastic bags.
\"I can get the same groceries as at home in the city center,\" Schultz said . \".
\"Going to Loblaws next to my office building now saves me time.
If I don\'t have a bag at a time (ban)
As it happens, I will go to the supermarket in Scarborough.
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