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by:Chengbai     2020-01-20
COIMBATORE: in order to promote more retail organizations to participate in the \"refuse Plastic Bags\" campaign, Coimbatore on Thursday recognized shopkeepers and merchants who used cloth and paper bags to pack goods.
This is one of the attempts to spread the need to curb plastic use without punishing violators.
\"We know some shopkeepers who only pack goods using cloth or paper bags.
We invited the owner and our health inspector as well as the non-
\"Government organizations have also identified stores,\" the official said . \".
Company Commissioner K Vijayakarthikeyan distributed the certificate to the owner who said no to the plastic.
\"Some shopkeepers receive certificates from the commissioner while others will receive them from health inspectors.
\"The store will also receive stickers saying that the store has taken action to \'refuse plastic bag\',\" the official said . \".
\"We hope this will inspire other shopkeepers to also adopt cloth and paper bags,\" he added . \".
Company officials also pointed out that many stores are using Polynon-
Woven bags, people mistakenly think it is cloth bags.
\"These bags are 95% plastic and non-biodegradable.
\"When they are dumped into the sewer, they allow water to pass through them because they are porous in nature,\" the official said . \".
\"People should send these bags away, using cloth and paper bags,\" the official added . \".
Coimbatore recently raided a wholesale dealer in Sundarapuram, who sells plastic bags in large quantities.
\"We received a complaint from Whatsapp about the dealer.
\"We took action and seized plastic bags from dealers,\" a company official said . \".
The owner was punished and warned, officials said.
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