saving the oceans one bag at a time

by:Chengbai     2020-01-12
Plastic bags are one of the items that cause marine pollution and pose a serious threat to the marine environment and animals that rely on the ocean to obtain food.
About 8 million tons of plastic waste are dumped into the ocean every year.
According to the Malaysian Association of Plastic manufacturers, about 300 are used per Malaysian
Use plastic bags every year.
A large part of the 9 billion bags used in total are in the ocean, choking marine life.
Designed to reduce single
By changing the customer\'s attitude and behavior towards them and using their bags repeatedly every time they shop, Tesco Malaysia has launched an unforgettable bag event.
The memorable bag features three unique designs featuring dangerous marine life-turtles, whales and fish.
Each design integrates a barcode, and when scanned at checkout, the barcode will offer a discount of 20sen to customers shopping in Tesco, with a maximum of two bags per transaction.
These bags are made of recyclable materials that encourage customers to reuse the bags, and these designs remind shoppers of the impact of minor changes in habits on marine life.
These bags are sold at a price of 50sen and if the bag is worn, torn or damaged, Tesco customers will get a free alternative by bringing it back to the Tesco store at the event
At a press conference at Tesco Kepong, Tesco Malaysia\'s chief executive Paul Ritchie said Tesco was the first large supermarket in Malaysia to carry out activities that encouraged customers to change their behavior, improve life on the sea with plastic bags.
\"According to our survey, we know that 70% of customers want to use their own bags but forget to bring them.
\"Through this event, these bags are turned into discount coupons and we reward customers to bring their bags back when they are shopping at Tesco.
\"At the same time, they eventually became advocates for marine life and the environment,\" he said . \".
Graham drew, executive creative director of gray Malaysia, joined Ritchie to launch the campaign.
Gray Malaysia is a strategic partner in concept and design packages.
\"We are proud to work with Tesco for this important cause.
\"Every time I bring back a bag, there is one less in the ocean.
\"With this memorable bag, we are confident that more people will re-develop the habit of re-using the bag.
\"While it seems like a small thing, we can have a huge impact together,\" Drew added . \".
Short films about the sport were also broadcast to guests and the media.
In addition, consistent with the theme of this year\'s World Earth Day-ending plastic pollution-is an unforgettable bag movement.
April 22 is Earth Day.
\"Being aware of our environment, we have been looking to help our customers reduce their orders
The use of plastic bags for consumption, such as the implementation of the No Plastic Bag rule on Saturday, encourages them to push the purchased trolley directly onto the car.
\"We encourage customers to use green club card points that turn into shopping vouchers every time they shop in reusable bags, and we offer a choice for Tesco online shoppers to make
\"Through these efforts, Tesco has reduced the number of single people by half
Despite the increase in the number of stores and the number of customers, use the plastic bags distributed in our store, \"Ritchie added.
He pointed out that the speed of emission reduction is not fast enough.
\"We hope that we can further reduce the use of plastic bags in our operations, and our goal is to halve the number of this year through memorable bag sports,\" he said . \".
The campaign is being tried out at 11 stores in Kuala Lumpur and Johor Baru, and then promoted across the country from June 1-12 to 31.
Please visit www to watch the short film. youtube. com/watch? v=y6bin-
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