rupees six hundred crore was saved by pp woven bags in the sugar manufacturing industry

by:Chengbai     2020-03-21
The relaxation of government rules has eased sugar manufacturing, which has been operating under pressure for many years.
It is allowed to change the packing solution from jute to PP woven bag.
Up to 60% of products can now be packed in PP woven bags.
According to the jute packaging materials Act 1987, sugar manufacturers must pack 100% of their products in yellow sacks in order to support the jute industry.
After proper consideration, it is a wise step to relax the specification.
Now, only 40% of the products need to be packed in sacks.
This has a huge demand for PP woven bags.
Many packaging companies have begun to cater to this growing demand.
Sugar makers can save more money due to relaxation.
It is estimated that this is equivalent to saving about 40 Pa sa per kilogram.
The cost of the yellow sacks is about 35 rupees per 50 kg bags and 70 paise per kilogram.
PP woven bags are much cheaper.
The price of 50 kg bags is around 15 rupees, 30 paise per kilogram-
40 Pa per kilogram of sugar can be saved.
If the estimated output is 25 million tons in a fiscal year, then if the entire product is packaged in PP woven bags, a guaranteed savings of Rs 1000 can be achieved.
With only 60% allowed so far, sugar manufacturing has saved Rs 600.
Most leading sugar companies may save more on packaging costs and increase their performance figures.
If some companies do not register profits immediately, they will definitely make profits in the long term
Because of the multiple advantages of PP woven bags and this packaging solution for sugar manufacturing.
The choice of PP package is correct
PE liner inside
It is considered to be the toughest packaging bag widely used in bulk sugar.
These are also Microperforated.
100% customized design of polypropylene (PP)woven bags -
According to the specifications requested by the customer-are delivered.
The main advantages of PP woven bags are lighter weight, higher strength, better corrosion resistance and tear resistance.
These are waterproof packages that do not damage sugar during the rainy season.
In addition, these are cheap and easy to transport. These are cost-effective vis-a-
In accordance with the customer\'s size and color specifications, for any other packaging material and available to the customer within the specified time.
These bags are easy to recycle and do not pose any risk to the environment.
PP woven bags are welcomed by the sugar manufacturing industry because of the obvious savings they bring to everyone.
In addition, the multiple advantages of PP woven bags are really impressive.
Taking into account the durability and the savings caused by no product damage.
This increases the overall profitability of the sugar manufacturing industry.
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