runway to green: sustainable fashion in india

by:Chengbai     2020-01-26
We may not be large compared to the global sustainable fashion industry, but we are making steady progress.
In February 2017, India won the \"best country award\" at the London fashion week international fashion show, curated by IMG Reliance\'s Gautam Vazirani \".
At the beginning of this year, Bodice\'s Ruchika Srideva won the International Woolmark Award (
Support ethical fashion and reward the best global talent to work with Murray wool).
At the latest Lakm é fashion weekLFW)
The focus of the sustainable fashion day is North East mojo, an activity in cooperation with the United Nations to promote a sustainable economy in the North East.
\"We also announced the global future plan for the British Council, which will explore new systems for the North
By the way, the eastern states account for more than 50% of the manual looms in our country, \"Vazirani said.
To get a better sense of the situation, talk to fashion curators, as well as to desdeva and Rajesh Pratap Singh over the weekend
He showed Tencel a collection at LFW in the colors of sorbet, red and light blue, side by side with brown and white --
The direction of the market.
Gautam Vazirani, fashion curator at IMG reliefashion, is no longer just about trends and innovative design, it is also a means to encourage dialogue on sustainable options.
Vazirani, who has curated 13 versions of Lakm é Fashion Week\'s hand loom day, said that in the past two versions it evolved into a sustainable fashion day is the era
\"The purpose of the textile day is to promote ethical, manual fashion, but the value behind these principles is sustainability.
\"This is the global dialogue now and we are helping designers understand its value,\" he said . \".
Designer fashion week
Weaver cooperation-
Like Amit and Richard X Kaladhera.
Label/designer Hemang Agrawal, Maku and Pankaja looking for Benaras, West Bengal and Odisha and popular North East mojo runway with six North East designers to show
\"As a country with one of the world\'s largest handmade and creative economies --
Artisans engaged in the production of textiles and handicrafts
I see a rising trend for people to use it.
But more positively, this happens with the development of aesthetics, where labels create contemporary collections with global appeal, \"Vazirani said. Trickle-
But is sustainable development spreading to the public?
This is what Vazirani feels, albeit at a slow pace.
This is fashion week like LFW (
Social media with over 90 million consumers)
Become a great platform to reach consumers, especially millennials.
\"It\'s important to tell them what\'s out there --
Like the beautiful series created by Nagaland\'s Ridge loom craftsman, or the innovative dabu series created by Delhi label Poochki and Rajasthan craftsman Bheru Lal Chippa.
Our job is to create a mindset change that shows the potential for what can happen, and then let it flow down slowly and let people explain it in their own way.
\"Volkswagen brands are embracing this trend, which proves that sustainability is becoming mainstream,\" he said.
The reliance trend launched Swadesh, their
The brand, while Fabindia has launched a major marketing campaign around hand looms and Western clothing.
Many brands such as Mumbai
Runaway bikes and metaphors from Bengaluru also offer their clothes at affordable prices.
\"We are working with Raymond to serve a Hadi men\'s clothing collection that will have high street prices.
In cooperation with the hand-made platform GoCoop, a affordable and sustainable good loom was launched.
Looking forward to the future, wazirani believes that sustainable development must also go beyond the hand loom.
\"This must be a complete strategy for the industry.
No one is talking about people who work with polyester fiber.
But if they are recycling, using the right dyes, sourcing and selling in a prudent way, and have a good carbon footprint, then they can also be sustainable . \"
What is the designer and winner of international Woolmark priezer Ruchika pizdeva green dress?
Just like the meaning of life, sustainability often means different things for different people.
That\'s why we went to deepdeva, who was cautious about throwing it out or using it as a marketing tool.
Winning 2017 of designers
International Woolmark Award (18)
Indian subcontinent and Middle East)
Since her time at the London Fashion Institute, she has been cycling and turning vintage clothes into everyday clothes.
For her label, Bodice, she made a reversible garment, extended the range of use of the garment, and dabbled in hand-made looms and natural dyes.
As part of Woolmark endeavor, she received guidance from a sustainability expert for a year to truly understand the impact of the fashion industry on the world.
Her clothes today have an eco-antibacterial coating, so can be used several times before washing, and she swears with wool sustainable, breathable, sweaty --
Sweat, antibacterial.
Keeping track of what is being done elsewhere in the world, she talks about Nike\'s efforts to recycle plastic bottles into shoes and Fitness Clothing, Freitag that recycled old truck oil cloth into bags, Stella McCartney\'s fall
The winter 2017 campaign was filmed in a landfill.
\"We will pay the landfill tax soon,\" she said . \"
Definition of sustainable clothing?
Responsible purchase of consciousness and education.
Read the label \"try to buy fewer items from a shopping mall and buy more from smaller brands because it is difficult to track who has a high price for the item --
\"Street brands and how they are produced responsibly,\" she said . \"
She believes that people should pay attention to two areas when shopping: environmental impact and social impact.
The ability to degrade is the most important.
So if there\'s something to break down, it\'s not that bad.
Anything with polyester, nylon, plastic, PU
Looking for P-is non-
Biodegradable and avoidable.
Most people think that synthetic materials are non-synthetic materials.
\"Biodegradable,\" she said.
There is also the use of water, it is difficult for customers to understand.
\"So the second thing we can do is buy from local labels, whether it\'s a Dastkar or a local trade fair.
Organic is better because it does not pollute groundwater, but its impact is still understood.
\"The most important thing is to buy consciously,\" she said . \".
As nutritionists do for food labels, designers play a role in educating customers, even on a sustainable day, when we throw clothes into the bin, it also makes people understand where clothes come from and where they go.
\"Anything that can get more attention is great, even if it\'s just a trend or a marketing tool.
\"Designer Rajesh Pratap Singh pays special attention to tailoring and structure.
Not always a business card that you think is sustainable and stylish.
But natural, biodegradable, ethical, and environmental
Conscious textiles and manufacturing processes are the \"necessary conditions\" to drive Singh\'s fashion commitment \".
Excerpts from the Delhi interview-
Designers who redesign khadi, rework denims with indigo, and re-examine wool ikat: What\'s your interest in the sky silk?
I have been thinking and talking about sustainability for a while.
So I was excited when Tencel contacted me.
From Austria-
Lun Jing group, known for its cellulose fiber.
The manufacturing process is sustainable, it is suitable for ideal colors and contours, and most importantly, it can be produced on a large scale.
The fashion dialogue on sustainable development is limited to several circles.
Our understanding of sustainable development is limited because we are still trying and learning.
This is not only fashion but also popular in other industries.
As designers, we can follow the slow fashion cycle, choose natural fibers and dyes, and work on the morally correct manufacturing process.
But what is needed is the method of commercial mass production.
There must be an industrial solution that can push sustainability beyond the class to the public.
Do you think mainstream consumers are prepared for fashion with conscience?
Although we still have a long way to go, consciousness is getting better.
But I can see a scenario where people push change with broader environmental concerns in mind, forcing the industry to switch to sustainable solutions and ethical manufacturing processes.
What are you doing now?
Now, we are experimenting with all kinds of yarn on the hand loom.
People are talking about technology in the field of hand loom.
For me, the hand loom itself is cuttingEdge technology.
Those who use the hand loom can appreciate its uniqueness and understand that certain things can only be done with it.
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