reusable plastic bag scheme a success: epa

by:Chengbai     2020-07-03
Anecdotal information suggests that the state\'s reusable plastic bag program has succeeded in reducing the amount of plastic waste in the state of Tasmania.
Earlier this week, the Environmental Protection Agency said there was no statistics to prove that the plan was valid, but retailer compliance indicated a \"significant\" reduction in plastic waste.
The controversial plan was launched in tazhou in November 2013 after the state government announced that the use of ordinary plastic bags in supermarkets was illegal.
The ruling saw Coles and Woolworths supermarket roll out reusable bags for £ 15 per bag.
\"There is no reliable data to prove that plastic shopping bags have significantly decreased their contribution to garbage flow, but some rumors clearly indicate that the number of plastic shopping bags provided by retailers has decreased significantly . \"
\"Investigations by EPA officials over the past year have confirmed that retailers are highly compliant with the ban on the supply of light shopping bags.
\"The Green Group Tasmania said says it is a government wise to ban the use of regular plastic bags, but says reusable plastic bags are not a more eco-friendly option.
\"Light bags do the most harm to the environment and wildlife, but other plastics will also last for a long time in the environment, and we should not leave these mess for future generations to deal, charlie Sherwin, president of environmental administration at tasmania, said.
\"Tasmania state can now become an environmental leader by reducing the use of heavier plastic bags: either, as some good businesses have done, require retailers to charge customers, or ban bags that are thick to 60 microns, which can make biodegradable bags more expensive --competitive.
\"Coles Australia will not comment on the effectiveness of reusable plastic bags, but says its plan is in full compliance with state law.
Australia declined to comment.
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