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reusable non-woven bags eco-friendly leading manufacturer for packing

reusable non-woven bags eco-friendly leading manufacturer for packing

Reusable non-woven bags eco-friendly leading manufacturer for packing

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Company Advantages
1. Chengbai reusable shopping bags features with reasonable structure and appealing design. The product becomes the first choice of retailers, wholesalers, and famous brands
2. The design of this product is enough to make people's room stand out from others. It is a good choice when it comes to a distinct decoration solution. The product can be folded and stored easily
3. non-woven bags have highly marketable properties such as reusable shopping bags. The product can be washed and reused for many times
4. It is very efficient for non-woven bags to reduce the energy cost of reusable shopping bags. The product features great durability, which means it is more reusable
5. It has been widely recognized that Chengbai always apply reusable shopping bags to let our customers assured. The product cannot be torn easily since its fibers are bonded together through chemical formula and treatments

Company Features
1. Equipped with a complete set of quality control technology, non-woven bags can be guaranteed with good quality.
2. 'Protecting good quality' is Zhejiang Chengbai Eco-friendly Science And Technology Co.,Ltd's brand promise. Please contact us!
These are so heavy duty and work great! The entire thing is hard and when the bottom is in, it helps the bag stay open and sturdy! They do have a funny smell to them. I had to air them out before I used them.
I had a mishmash of bags; different sizes, etc. I was always unhappy with the way they were filled by the bagging people. They often fell over and spilled in the trunk. Once, frozen shrimp spilled out and remained undetected for days. Ugh! These are great! Compact and easily stored in my trunk; easy for naggers to quickly pack; steady in the trunk on the drive home. Thank you. They're brilliant!
These are great! I actually recommend buying three sets of three as you can use one bag to hold the other 8 really easily. I paired these with some of the Brotrade reuseable mesh produce bags, plus a pair of insulated bags I already had. I'm all set for any trip to the grocery store. I might even get some of these to hold in reserve for when a bag or two eventually wear out, though I don't see that happening any time soon.
These bags are fantastic! Great alternative to using plastic! Love them! They are sturdy & practical for groceries of any kind! Would definitely recommend to any and everyone!
I absolutely love these bags. It makes it so much easier when it comes to organizing groceries and especially when it comes to carry them into the house. They’re box like so you can put them anywhere without worrying the groceries rolling around. I could have a cart full of food and fit all of them in these three bags. They’re amazing. Sturdy. And fold up for easy storage, as if they weren’t useful enough. Definitely satisfied with this purchase.
These are sturdy & stackable! I have loaded them to the point that they should've broken - but they didn't! Should've bought these sooner!
I LOVE these box shopping bags!! As someone else wrote I saw someone in line with them and asked where she bought them. : ) They fold up really nicely and open to a nice size square which fits a lot of groceries. They will or can be used for other things also. Nice that they sit in the truck and everything stays in place.
I love these bags. They can carry so many groceries, I get a weird amount of compliments on them, they're minimalist, and take up a minimal amount of space in my trunk.
These are awesome!! I've primarily used them for shopping but they are wonderful for anything else. Very strong and the flat bottom makes packing the groceries and moving them easier.
These are very nice, heavy-duty shopping containers. They hold twice as much as the ordinary plastic shopping bags and they are very yt? Durable - no tearing. They sit in the car and prevent products from rolling around and damaging sensitive fruits and vegetables. I love these collapsible box containers. I see a time coming when stores will not be providing bags for purchases and I'm ready.
I bought these a few months ago and I am extremely happy with them. They fit so much-Depends on the types of items in your cart but I can easily fit about half a cart in these 3 bags. I usually organize the items in each bag, like one bag for fridge/freezer items, one bag for veggies, etc. Also, it's so much easier to carry these bags into the house rather than struggling with several plastic bags. They don't fall over in the car either, so I don't have to deal with cans rolling out of bags anymore. I wouldn't recommend this for people taking public transport or walking, because it's kind of hard to put them over your shoulder. I just came back to buy a set for my parents and decided to post a rating. I will definitely get another set for myself as my family grows and I need to buy more groceries.
We bought a second set of these because I love them so much. They hold way more groceries than a single plastic bag does. They fold up easily. We’ve used them for: grocery shopping, traveling, beach trips, etc. Two problems: 1) in the grocery store sometimes the clerk won’t notice the tab to put the base down in the bottom of the bag—might be cool if this was a different color so it was more noticeable? 2) we don’t remember to grab the bags before we shop! I need to put reminders up. Overall, I love these bags. I love how sturdy they are! They don’t fall over. They can hold a ton of stuff.
These are great. The stiff, fold-down, bottoms make these bags stay open for easy loading but still allow bags to be folded for convenient storage. My favorite feature is the shape of these bags. Many bags sold for shopping are really tall and narrow, which is fine for clothing, but not for grocery shopping. These are about half to two-thirds of the height of the normal bags and slightly wider. The shape allows for groceries to be loaded without having to worry about bag falling over or having to be set on side which can cause items to slide/roll out. Thickness of material used is superior to what is used on many other shopping bags I've used. I plan to purchase more since in a few months I'll be required to bring my own bags for shopping.
These are fantastic for grocery shopping. I was getting pretty annoyed with the usual 99cent bags you can get anywhere that flop down while you're trying to load them, and this is the perfect alternative. I also have one of the more expensive heavy duty versions of a regular bag, the reuseit earthtote, and it doesn't hold a candle to these. To be fair the earthtote is good quality, but I'm mainly concerned about the bag sitting upright and being easy to load groceries into, and these blow any ordinary bag out of the water in that department. They seem durable so far. I'm not overly gentle with them and even took one on a camping trip with no problems yet. I haven't owned them very long though, so I can't speak too authoritatively on this front. I'm a little concerned about what will happen when something eventually leaks in the bag since I can't throw it in a washing machine, but I'm expecting rinsing it off in the sink and setting it out to dry will be adequate.
I originally bought about 7 of these bags at Walmart about 4 years ago. They disappeared and I could not find anywhere else in town, so went to Amazon and found these bags. These are the best grocery bags I have ever bought. Every time we go through a line in the grocery store with these bags, the clerk always says how great they are and asks where in the world we found them. They are roomy (holds up to 30 pounds), stand completely on their own and have a good sturdy bottom. The price is more than other grocery bags in the store, but worth every dime. Highly recommend.
These are going to work out great on my next grocery trip. They are pretty but look to be sturdy and easy to load as they hold their shape when open (no more fighting floppy bags at the self checkout) and fold flat for storage between uses. The insulation will come in handy for cold items... especially in the hot summer months. They are cute, too, so I will probably press them into service as tote bags for everyday miscellaneous items as well (zippered top flap is a bonus!)
I bought these to use when using self checkout at grocery stores. I find them so convenient to use as they stay open without holding them open. They hold a lot of groceries and I am so happy with them. I also use them at grocery stores with regular checkout and the clerks seem to appreciate them as well. I have used them for many other things as well.
LOVE these! Get lots of compliments from store checkout folks. Not only good for grocery store but also use them in other stores and to carry baked goods to friends, office. Nice and easy to carry just about anything as they are more box like with stiff sides and bottom. These would make a great grab bag item or emergency gift item. At Christmas I thought I should have bought a set for family members leaving with arms loaded with gifts! Good for anyone - anytime - would even make a good baby shower gift! Collapsible and easy to store in car.
I actually received one of these bags as a gift (well, the gift bag) a couple of years ago. I love it so much I purchased this set as well so I could have a few more! I keep them in my car and use them everywhere I shop so that I can proudly refuse plastic bags whenever possible. They are perfect for grocery shopping. The cashiers comment every time that I use them on their perfect size and shape. They're very durable. Even the older bag still looks brand new. No issues with tearing handles or loose seam stitching. And I love that the bottom has a semi hard surface so the bag keeps its shape while packing and in transit. Cashiers comment on this as well; unlike so many flimsy soft sided reusable bags!
These are the most amazing bags EVER. It's not easy to be this excited about grocery shopping bags. Every time I go grocery shopping I end up nearly being a celebrity over these groovy bags. Everyone from the bagging clerk to the check out person and especially other shoppers stop me to ask where I got them They are just great and I highly recommend them. When I first picked them up after opening they felt a little heavier than I anticipated but that was short lived once I saw how well made they are. And in the past, I always ended up forgetting my bags when going to the store. I haven't left these behind in the trunk one time. I want them in my cart when I check out. Get them. You will not be sorry!
Good bag for party favors!
Well made. Exceptional deal.
A bit shorter than a regular reusable bag you get from other stores but the cuteness makes up for that! People always ask where I got these. Amazon, of course!!!
Super cute
Little disapponted
Good deal.
Love anything Mickey
Great bags to take to the grocery store or whatever other errands.
great bag larger than the other ones I own and can fits lots
Excellent bags to use for super market trips, especially since alot of places are not giving out plastic bags anymore.
I was going to order these yesterday but I'm glad I waited because I found them today at Walmart for $4.00 each. I like that they open up into a box shape and it has a fold down bottom that keeps it nice and sturdy. They're not as deep as my regular reusable bags but I really like the structure of the bag. I would definitely recommend these bags.
I Love these bags which I use mainly for storage and I have had them a long time. I have been wanting more of them and found them recently at Walmart for $3.68 each.
These bags are the best. The only complaint I have here is the price. I got mine at Walmart for $4 each. That means for the same price I got double the bags. Otherwise, checkers love them because they are so easy to load. I love that they don't roll around or tip over in the car.
great for stores like Aldi!
These are amazing! Such an improvement over the usual saggy bags that won't stand open. The checkers in the stores always comment on how much they appreciate these bags. They stay open for packing, have a fold down firm bottom that supports everything, and the groceries don't fall over in the car. They fold flat and tuck into tiny spaces. LOVE them!
I purchased a three pack to keep in the car for grocery shopping months ago. We just got another three pack for the wife's car. We really like them for eliminating the use of plastic bags. I load them very heavy when we grocery shop & they have held up just fine. I would recommend the product.
I have severe back issues, but these totes allow me to put several grocery bags into one of the totes to make one trip to house. Great materal & very well made! Impressed with this purchase. Only minor complaint is I wish they were a little bigger.
Great totes for shopping. They have the fold down bottom for support (pop it up for easy folding of the bags for storage) and 2 strong handles. Easy to lift and able to carry a lot in these totes. I can put 3 open in my shopping cart and I just fill them as I shop. At check out, I leave everything right in the tote and the cashier just uses the "gun" to scan everything right from the bag. No unloading groceries onto the belt for me and no packing groceries for the cashier. Highly recommended.
These are the nicest reusable shopping bags yet. They are pricey but very attractive. Found the same type at my local grocer and they were a lot cheaper. But if you are looking for something very smart looking these are the ones. Price is why only 4 stars.
I kick myself a bit for not having bought these years ago. They work great! They fold up flat and neat for storage. More importantly, when using them they are sturdy, hold a lot of weight, and stay wide open for loading and unloading.
These are SO GREAT. They hold so much weight (so much so, they’re hard to carry since I’m pregnant!) and have held up with zero issues. Would recommend to anyone, especially in California and anywhere that has plastic bag bans or charges!
My daughter found these first and when I saw hers I knew they were exactly what I needed. They're easy to carry and use and load into an SUV. They don't rip like plastic nor fall over. Most importantly, they're better for the environment!!
There are a good size and I have used them more often than I thought I would and they are rated for heavy loads. Each bag weighs very little so it easy to fold and carry or for storing. I hesitated to on the stars only because they are a flat boring black. Not pretty but very useful.
I’ve had this set of reusable bags for two months and they are amazing! Very simple design and incredibly sturdy. Sometimes I forget to bring more than a couple bags to the grocery store and end up stuffing two bags completely full but these bags can handle quite a heavy load!
I love these bags! They are very sturdy; they really do hold up to 50 lbs. I use them for groceries all the time. Once filled, they do not tip over in my trunk like plastic supermarket bags.
Not sure if it's just my imagination or not but these seem to be as bit bigger than the ones that stores sell. Not gonna complain, they make shopping 100% easier
Although the bags are thinner than expected and bottom support is light, bags do hold a good amount of items and weight. It feels good not to be taking plastic bags from shops and helping the environment.
These bags are great. They can handle being over loaded. So far they are extremely durable.
Well made would definitely buy it again just the right size not too big not too small.
I have barely started using these in order to cut down on my plastic bag waste, and let me just say these are perfect! Came with 6 and they’re pretty big. Went grocery shopping with them and only took in 3 and ended up walking out with 2 of them full of groceries that would’ve used about 7 or 8 bags! Really happy with them I highly recommend!
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