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reusable non-woven bags eco-friendly leading manufacturer for packing

reusable non-woven bags eco-friendly leading manufacturer for packing

Reusable non-woven bags eco-friendly leading manufacturer for packing

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Zhejiang Province
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Company Advantages
1. Chengbai reusable shopping bags is produced combining the decoration technique with manual finishing drawing. When the product is fired, the drawing will stick to the glaze tightly, and hence to create different patterns. With stylish and vibrant elements, the product acts as a great advertisement tool
2. The product has won many customers by the virtue of huge economic benefits. The product is liquid repellent. So users can carry it confidently during rainy season as well
3. This product comes with the advantage of durability. Only the best and finest of materials, as well as the great workmanship for the stitching, are used to make this product. The product can resist repeated heavy load-bearing
4. This product is known as bacterial resistance. During the fabric treating stage, antibacterial agent is permeated into the fabrics' fiber to achieve the antibacterial effect. The product can effectively isolate bacteria and insects

Company Features
1. Our non-woven bags helps Chengbai gain more approvals from clients. Our brand is popular not only in the domestic market but also in the overseas markets. We have won trust from and established cooperations with customers from America, Oceania, Africa, the Middle East, etc.
2. We have a manufacturing plant that is quite close to the airport and the harbor. This obvious transportation advantage significantly ensures the smooth supply of raw materials and quick delivery of the finished products.
3. Our manufacturing factory is located proximal to the airport. This allows our finished products to quickly and conveniently go to the market and to greatly reduce transportation costs. Zhejiang Chengbai Eco-friendly Science And Technology Co.,Ltd is professional and will provide the high-quality non-woven bags. Please contact.
Love these. Holds alot of groceries/weight. Groceries stay put in the back of my jeep. Every cashier wants to know where I got them.
These are great! I'm ordering a second set as my stepson often takes 1 (or 2) back to his dorm with him after stocking up on supplies, but the 3 bags in the set are generally big enough for a full week's worth of groceries and I'm not a light shopper.
I use these bags for grocery shopping and love how they remain upright in my car and the ease they are to carry.
I had to leave it filled with fruits and frosting for 4 days at work. In a refrigerator. I went to get it and the strawberries and blueberries were still fresh and ready to use. This is a great thermal for carrying all fresh frozen foods.
I have used these bags for every grocery shopping trip for the last couple of months and I love them! They are incredibly durable and quite convenient. Since my Meijer recently implemented scan and go, these bags have cut my grocery shopping trip time nearly in half!
I can carry a lots of groceries in one bag. It's very useful if you have to carry heavy groceries to second floor like me.
I bought this product for its roomy size. I’m sure I am using it more than it is intended but the seams have not held up very well in several of the bags. I love them due to the lightness and the room inside but the durability is on the flimsy side
I used these bags for the first time 2 days ago and LOVE them. They are the perfect size. The grocery clerk also commented on them and said she liked them too; wanted to know where I got them because she is going to order them too. By the way, I am going to order a second set myself!!
Great shopping bags to have, nice quilty and can hold a good amount... I've had 2 half gallons of milk in one and it's still going strong. Will buy more when I need to and would defiantly recommend as I already bought my mother in law a set witch she loves and uses on a daily basis almost!
These bags are great, nice and big, hold a lot of weight, firm bottoms, love them, would buy again.
Good bags but you can get it $2 each at Walmart.
Bought one of these in a green color a few years ago for my Mother and she has been raving about them. She is in an assisted living community and other residents kept asking where they could buy them. After all the accolades, I had to order some for myself and I'm quite pleased with them.
Nice and sturdy. Holds a ton in just one bag. Love the fold down bottom part. Comes in several diff colors. I ordered another set as well. 3 bags holds an entire shopping cart for us.
These are just awesome and very stylish. They holds lot of weight. I bought 3 pairs for us and my related families. We always get best compliments.
I get all sorts of compliments from people in line at the grocery store about these bags. They are very durable and strong. Should last a long time. They stand up in the shopping cart and can fit two across and stack if you need to I guess. I'm likely going to buy more in the future. Update 12/14/16: I went to the store and had two of my bags open in the cart to put my items in as I shopped. I pushed my cart out of the way to look at a display case for a few minutes, turn around and I had two random shoppers hovering around my cart eyeballing my shopping bags. So I come up calmly and look at them, one hurries off and the other is startled and said "OH this is YOUR cart" and leaves quickly. So the moral of the story is, these shopping bags are so nice and well made that people will try and snatch them if left unattended. Thought I should share.
I absolutely love these bags! They are extremely sturdy when ready for use. They fit perfectly in a grocery cart. And helps with bagging groceries easily and quicker when shopping at Winco. Plus, it helps with the environment with reducing the use of plastic bags. These bags hold quite a bit of groceries.I highly recommend this product!
I just got these, but I think they will be very handy for refrigerated groceries. I didn’t think they were tall enough for milk jugs, but they are.
Absolutely LOVE these bags! They are extremely strong (I really load them up), they hold more than you'd expect, and they are very well made. I always get questions or compliments when I bring them into the store. The bottoms fold up, and they are easy to collapse, so they take very little room to store, yet the bottoms are the sturdiest I've found. We bought a set for each car and plan to purchase a few more as gifts.
Sturdy, sized well, collapses nicely. Just what I needed, and I didn't even know it.
If you want to look cool at your market get these. Everyone asks me about them. They really are quite nice and they will hold more than you'd care to heft up.
Works great
Love, love, love this bag. I purchased it for my niece, as a "Flower Girl Gift" for my wedding in June. She is obsessed with Minnie Mouse (what four-year-old girl isn't?). I know she will love it.
I finally found the viable grocery totes I've been looking for in these bags. They are exceptionally strong, each capable of holding several heavy items, quite roomy -- a fairly large shopping expedition required only three of them -- and unlike any others I've seen, the sleek, textured black design is quite unlike the frumpy, lil-ol-lady styled totes that seem to be the norm with these kinds of bags. Big thumbs up for these.
Great for your trips to Costco, Sams or your local grocery store. Good quality. Ez open, EZ fold.
When using them shopping employees at the markets tell me that they like these bags more then other .
The Good: They collapse for easy storage, are able to carry more than a normal plastic bag, and easy to carry (scoop up in one hand). Durability is quite good and holds its shape well. The Bad: I would like the bags to be a bit taller (since I can handle carrying more weight), but that is just personal prefferance. Overall: If you are looking for a reusable grocery bag that is easy to manage, has durability, and easy to maintain these are a great choice. Price is good as well. Works for me.
Thank You
I like these and keep a set in my car. I keep one box open in the back of my car and the others (collapsed) store in the open one. Great for groceries and other stuff.
I have used these several times since getting them for a Christmas gift. They are a good size, not too large, and they are easy to handle, clean, and folds flat. i will be purchasing these again to give as gifts. Everyone needs this size tote bag.
This product is so functional & genius. I get so many compliments when I go food shopping. It fits a lot of items and I can fill it with heavy items as well. Highly recommend it. Who said we can't save the Planet and do it in style at the same time.
L-0-V-E these! Perfect for keeping your groceries upright when traveling home from the store. The clerks are always telling me they like them better than the typical reusable bags as they are easier to pack into. They can handle a heavy load (but if you can't pack them a little lighter.) Placing my 2nd order so that I can have more for those big holiday shopping trips.
Originally purchased to hold supplies for foster pups on their journey to forever homes. Now I use them for everything. Very durable and stay clean over multiple uses.
Great gift bags at a great price. Durable, reusable fabric. I've purchased these twice now, and will purchase them again.
Just buy them. These are legit. Seriously, like if you live some place where they’ve taxed or banned plastic bags (which is for sure is a good thing) these are perfect if only for the fact that they collapse, which means bringing them back to the car after grocery shopping and keeping them there isn’t a hassle. They’re also surprisingly sturdy. Whatever is within the fabric and the fabric itself aren’t cheap or flimsy. So yeah, do it!
Perfect for heavy items, stands up on its own
They looked great but as I was walking out of Walmart i found them there for $4 each. Thats half the price i spent.
The bags are perfect!
I was always forgetting my reusable bags when I went to the grocery store. I decided to find a tote I actually wanted to use. These collapsible strorage totes hit all the marks. They are affordable, lightweight, durable, easy to carry, sturdy and easy to maintain. They fold flat and set up easily. They hold their shape when being loaded and fit neatly in the trunk of a car. When I go to Costco I leave them in the car and sort my stuff into them as I unload my shopping cart. I have found that to be easier than trying to lift a heavily loaded tote out of the shopping cart. Initially I thought I would need two sets, but the set of three totes has been sufficient. They are the best reusable shopping tote I have found. I look forward to using them, and I've solved my problem of constantly forgetting my bags!
Works great... Kinda big
Bags are big and sturdy, fit lots of groceries and are easy to carry!
Love love love these bags. Great for grocery shopping
The bags seem sturdy and are working well. I haven't used them for actual groceries yet but have put other things in there and used as a carry bag.
My Fresh Market sells these in another color. I needed more, so they aren't too heavy. These are the same, perfect. Attractive color as well. I wipe them out with a microfiber cloth sprayed with some vinegar spray when they need some "freshening up".
Really love these. Very sturdy and cute. One came without the board for the bottom though, so I can't use it like the others. It collapses.
I bought these for all of my grocery shopping at ALDI. They are big and hold a lot of items. I bought two sets and usually only need four bags because they hold so much.
This is my second set. You can fit so many things in it. I use it at the grocery store. Holds 2 gallons of milk plus room for lighter items in one bag. Very sturdy and well made.
Perfect. Strong. How I did struggle and fuss before.
Bought these in case Illinois adds a plastic bag tax!! Already use a few! Great quality!
Quality Tote Bag!
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