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reusable non-woven bags eco-friendly leading manufacturer for daily necessities

reusable non-woven bags eco-friendly leading manufacturer for daily necessities

Reusable non-woven bags eco-friendly leading manufacturer for daily necessities

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nice reusable bags. I use them for my boyfriends apartment when it hard to bring stuff in, i can pack it heavy and they do the job if I need more reusable shopping bags i would buy these
These are so easy to use! They fold flat when not in use so they are very convenient to keep in the car. They will hold so much! We walked out of the store the other day with our (3) bags full, normally we would have walked out with 15 plastic bags or more. It was a breeze to unload them from the car to the house. Wish they came in other colors.
I have had these for awhile and at times have had them loaded very heavy and the straps have held up I would suggest this product
Wish they were a lot bigger. But they are nice. My first time using I'll update. I want to help the environment and stop using the plastic bags the grocers give you.
These fit in my trunk, keep everything organized, and upright.
Kind of small and short. Not a big bag to carry a lot of stuff.
I love these bags. They have reinforced sides and a fold-down bottom that makes them feel like a sturdy cardboard box with handles while still folding flat for storage. The only downside is that we sometimes pack too much stuff in them (like 24 cans of spaghetti sauce) which makes them weigh a bunch. We have learned how to pack them with heavy stuff on the bottom and lighter items on top so we don't often over load (weight wise) them very often any more. I love these bags and would recommend them to anyone.
Love these grocery bags! Easy to carry- with the added plus of keeping groceries from breaking free from the plastic store bags. Will keep multiple sizes in each of my vehicles.
I love these so much that I just bought another box! They are very strong and very simple to use, yet not simple enough for a young child. They are perfect for keeping my 2.5-year-old out of the fridge and my 1.5-year-old out from under the kitchen sink!! They hold very tight and I love that I can use them in a variety of different places and on multiple surfaces. Perfect toddler-proof product! ??
these collapsible shopping boxes are worth every penny. Very small footprint when collapsed and holds a lot when open. No more cardboard boxes to move around in the trunk!
Very sturdy, big bags!! I've had them since June of 2016 and they have held up to the heavy loads I've used them for... And they are beautiful also!!! Makes great gifts...
Love these bags, but after 2 months of use the straps broke on two of them. I will try a different brand next time.
I don't usually write 5 star reviews. The product really has to be exemplary to warrant it, and this product was worthy of it (at least for me). My husband actually got these first. We would use them when we went to Costco or Sams Club. It made packing and unpacking the car so much easier. I got some more the other day for myself. Our city has a no plastic bag rule in place. I had about 20 reusable bags in my trunk of all shapes and durability and tangled up in one another. Although they work and do their job, these shopping boxes are absolutely wonderful. They hold a lot, are way sturdier than they appear (trust me on this... I was surprised too. I thought with as thin as they were, they wouldn't support much, and then I was worried the straps would break with a heavier type load. No worries. The straps are reinforced and whatever the material they are made of, hasn't let us down). They are easy to wipe down and clean. Best of all, they are collapsible which for me means a cleaner/more organized trunk (no more bags flying all around. Everything is neatly contained. I have all my collapsible boxes inside one open box along with a few cooler bags). Overall, I'd highly recommend these.
These bags hold a ton of stuff and they stand WIDE open, handles out of the way, etc. when bagging at the store. I have other bags that flop all around and make bagging so frustrating and take way longer than it needs to. This is essentially like putting things in a box but then having a long, comfortable handle so you can carry multiples. For reference, I have the black with gray handles (because I bought two packs and my husband uses them, otherwise I'd have gotten a more girly style!). The bags are REALLY sturdy - I've carried multple 2L of soda in them without problem. I've been using them (A LOT) for months and they look brand new. I love: ~ How easily they stand open ~ How much they hold ~ How sturdy they are - they can hold a lot of weight ~ They're attractive ~ They are months old and still look brand new ~ They collapse so I can have them all over - a couple in the car, a couple tucked upstairs in my house, etc. I use them for: ~ Shopping ~ Keeping in living room to accumulate things that need to be put away in other rooms ~ Hauling random things other places (gifts/food to parties, stuff to work, supplies to school, etc.) ~ Small laundry bins - when folding my kids clothes I separate their stuff into different bins ~ Car trips - packing things to be easily accessible ~ Cleaning out the car ~ GIFTS - I'm buying more to give as gifts this year! (And more for me!) Cons: ~ I can't really think of anything. Yes, they're more expensive than some others here but not by much and given my experience with them, a couple of dollars is well worth the quality.
Better than awesome! Very sturdy. They fold for easy stashing in the trunk, and there's a fold-down cardboard flap to strengthen the bottom when they're ready to carry a load. I would suggest putting something plastic in the bottom to protect it from wetness, like from frozen items or milk cartons. I think they'll hold up pretty well with some weight in them, but, having three, I personally plan to distribute heavier items between the three. These ARE a little pricey, so might as well help them last longer. Additionally, they're very attractive with the leaf design on the front. I've been using those cheap reuseable bags like they sell at Walmart or Target, and they're always a bit of a struggle until you get some items in them so they'll stand up better. The end of THAT era is now, with these great bags.Glad I "splurged" to get the ones I actually wanted instead of the cheaper ones.
One of best products I bought on amazon. I bought multiples of these bags simply because they are so useful. I want to carry them all the time because they are just so great. They are surprisingly strong. Fit a good amount of groceries because I always load them to the top. They stay put in the car. Forget about groceries flying out! They fold flat so are easy to store. They look great and I always get compliments on them. Not to mention that I feel good about not using plastic or paper bags so good bye 100s of wasted bags. I simply love these, everyone needs these bags in their life!
I actually wanted to use one for Costco cold items and one for a tidy bag, where I could go around and put everything in side of it that didn't belong where it was and then go around and put everything away. Instead of I have two as project bags - one has all the material I need for a Silhouette project I'm in the middle of, and the other amassed all of the Lego that my son and his father are slowly working on separating and seeing if they can find the the missing pieces they need to fix a few of the completed ones that fell apart or were played with.
These work great. Smaller than I expected, but the largest I could find on the market so far. I do a lot of hauling off cold milks and products, so these work perfectly for transport. I wouldn't carry them loaded with heavy milks, but they work great to keep cold products cold and clean during transport **Update: So I had others going on supply runs and the handles did end up breaking. I'm sure it was from trying to carry these loaded up full of ice and milks. They were great while they lasted, but upgraded to regular large coolers instead.
These bags are very similar to the bags that I purchased approximately four years ago at a local grocery chain. I put the stores plastic bags inside of these sturdy bags. It eliminates my groceries from tipping over in my trunk. I use them primarily for carrying the groceries from my car to my home. Unfortunately, I always use to constantly overload the bags in order to save me from making additional trips from my car to my house. If you don't overload these bags, they will last a long, long time. The bags are extremely handy. I have also used them to transport food to someones house and to the park for a picnic.
I shop primarily at Aldi, Walmart (self checkout) and Costco. All three places require you to bag your own groceries. I HATED trying to hold up my reusable bags, keeping the straps out of the way with one hand and using the other hand to pack up my bags. It took so much time I was tired of it. I found these bags on Amazon and thought I'd give them a try. I LOVE THEM. They are AWESOME! They collapse by pulling up the bottom and I keep them in my Jeep. I grab a couple every time I go into the store. Pull the bottom down and fill them up and don't have to keep the bag open with anymore. I would say the only downfall I can see is the price. They are pretty pricy at over $20 for three. I've had them for 6 months now and unless I overpack them and bust a strap or something, I can see these lasting several years. I've also found if I open the bag and put it in the cart at Costco or Aldi, they will put my groceries in there for me. DOUBLE BONUS!!
Very cute tote. Got this to use as a gift bag for my granddauter. Seems fairly sturdy and can be used to store toys and used as a carry all.
Great for the price. Larger than expected! Also very cute. Using for daycare. Update: it is already ripped after only five days of use. ?
Picture has vibrant color
Very cute
Great bag. Ripped after a few months but it was inexpensive so I wasn't too concerned...
My granddaughter loves Minn Muu. I was able to pack this bag full. It has a nice wide base & is sturdy. Worth the $$$.
This was really cute. I put it with another Minnie bag for a secret santa gift and everyone loved it. I would definitely purchase again. :)
Used them for Easter bags - the girls loved them!
Nice size and great graphics
They are perfect! They are different from other bags because they stay upright in the car so nothing spills out of the bag. The bags fold down for easy storage as well
So handy for much more than groceries. Held up well so far.
I really like these, they are big enough to hold a lot of stuff, even brought them to BJ's...they are very sturdy and the fold-down bottom is solid and firm. My only complaint is that I wish the straps were long enough to go over my shoulder...but maybe the shorter straps contribute to the sturdiness.
i have search high and low for a quality re-usable grocery bag like this. i love that when you open it, it stays open. the other types flop shut. i use these for groceries and miscellaneous things. awesome!!
Love these bags. Holds lots of stuff, easy to use, folds away for packing and good quality.
Great purchase. I like that these fold up so easily. Just the right size. I will use these often.
I loved this product! I bought it to save plastic bags, but it turn out that it made my life much easier since I can take all groceries to my third floor apartment in only one trip. It's extremely resistant and it fits lots of groceries. I'm very happy with this purchase!
These boxes are great. Well-made, sturdy. Easy to use, easy to collapse flat and store. So glad I got them.
I use this bag to hold all my stuff in the back of my car. Love them.
Love the colors. Just adding a ribbon for Christmas gifts.
Very durable, good quality.
Worked great for our grandson party.
Perfect for Art Themed Birthday Party.
Exactly what I expected and needed.
Got exactly what was described. Really good product!
I bought it to storage winter jackets. And it is good for use.
The bag is really good to install, whatever is good! Mainly good quality.
These garment bags are large and spacious, which sounds great except that the top part of each bag puffs up a lot, killing a lot of space. However, the top hole of the garment bag is made of the same heavy duty material as the actual bag, and thus resists tearing and breaking. The bag is long enough to hold suits, and they look durable. If he top is carefully folded, the bags won’t bunch up that much. The very affordable price point is what makes this purchase great, despite the slightly wasteful excess fabric at the top of the bag.
Bought these to store my suits and Prince Charlie jackets (formal kilt wear) and they seem to be pretty good but they're a little too large for what I was looking for. They're so spacious you could easily hold 3 suits / jackets in them which wasn't what I was looking for. With just a single suit or jacket in them they puff out at the top and it's kind of just a waste of space. They serve their purpose tho and keep my jackets protected and for the price I can't complain.
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