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reusable non-woven bags eco-friendly leading manufacturer

reusable non-woven bags eco-friendly leading manufacturer

Reusable non-woven bags eco-friendly leading manufacturer

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Fits lots of groceries, holds shape pretty good. I like how I can put bread and other soft items in it without having to worry about it getting smashed. Way better than store bags.
These are some heavy duty bags. Even the bagger at the grocery commented on how great they were. Love that they don't collapse.
All the baggers and cashiers compliment me on these. They stand on their own creating a nice sized box making it easier to put items in them. They hold so much even though they don't seem that big. The quality of the materials is very high
when i am at the market the staff appreciate it so much that these stand up while they fill up my bags. I am OVERLY satisfied with these!!!! get stopped all the time and asked where i got mine and i say AMAZON!
Great size with solid zipper. The bottom isn’t attached like some of their smaller bags, but still works great.
These are awesome bags for grocery shopping. Easy to carry, durable. It has a nice firm bottom to handle anything yet is collapsible to store away neatly!
They work so well with everything. Cooked food stays put without falling all over.
These bags are so much easier for me to go green. I can hold one close to my body when my hands hurt too much and the food doesn't shift around. No more squished veggies and bread.
I cannot say enough ho w much I love these bags. We use to divie station supplies at large events - easy to pack, carry and fold away when not in use. Highly recommend!
We love these bags. These shopping bags are big enough for grocery shopping for two people and you can put them in your car trunk safely without worrying about things falling out. They are also very cute!
Love these. Not too small...not too large. I can fill these and still lift and carry with ease. Not too flimsy the sides stay up(does not collapse). I'm planning on order an additional set.
Love them! They work great! Very durable, hold lots of groceries & fold up nice and compact for easy storage. I will definitely order again if I feel I need a second set. So happy to reduce my use of plastic :)
Best grocery bags on the market. They collapse when not being used and are very sturdy! I’m not sure how to wash them... but they were a fantastic investment. I recommend!
So far so good. The bags hold a lot! I constantly have to tell the person bagging to watch how heavy they make them. The straps should be made sturdier to support the load they could carry. Otherwise they are very nice and I get a lot of compliments on them.
These are the best shopping bags I could have purchased. They hold their shape, even when you put heavy stuff in them (like milk, etc). They fold up nicely when you're not using them. I've had many compliments on them at the store - they're great!
I have another that I bought in Canada that was a couple inches longer is a perfect size. This one is a bit small in comparison, but still built nice, and I would still recommend this to anyone wanting a reusable shopping bag/basket that also helps to organize your car's trunk. Nice product.
The cashiers compliment me on these bags *every* time I go grocery shopping. They comment on their nice size, durability, and ability to stand on their own. I live with my partner and use these three bags to hold our weekly groceries. If you have children or a larger family, I would recommend purchasing two orders of the three bags. I'm so glad I purchased them!
Great product! Well built. Shopping for groceries is so much easier and organized.
A lot better way to carry groceries into house. The ones stores provide suck.
Very sturdy and great quality for the price!!
These bags are very sturdy and durable. And it's nice that you can easily collapse them for storage.
Nice heavy duty bags. They stay open and collapse easily for storage. Would buy again
These are great for bring groceries in quick, sturdy straps.
I love shopping with these bags. They are the perfect size, one bag along holds all of our cold stuff and I can have them all open while I am checking out and bagging the groceries. When I'm done they pack up and go right back up inside my car for the next trip.
Keeps food cold and pretty.
These bags are fantastic. They are the perfect size and shape to fit in the car and they hold a LOT of stuff! We get compliments every time we take them to the store and are asked where we bought them.
Love love love these!!!!! Cannot say enough good thing about these! Everyone asks where to get these. Love they stay open and super easy to pack. One of my favorite purchases!!!!!
Love these. I can scan my own food at the supermarket and just pack it in. Bought another set. Very sturdy.
Great HEAVY duty bags with square bottoms and they hold alot. Folds down nice and very useful shopping.
Party bags. Excellent
Good quality bigger then I expected but nice
Used for gift bags st a party. Held up with the favours
These are well built. I used mine for several months and the stores I take them to appreciate the sturdiness and that it has a rigid bottom and sides stand up while they pack. My daughter even borrows them, so I bought another set for me, and two sets for her. We use anywhere from 2-6 of these depending how much groceries we purchase, or other types of shopping. On big shopping days we use almost all of them. They are easy to store in the car without sliding all over like plastic bags do, and nothing spills out. Easy to carry into the house, when finished, just fold up, store all the extras into one bag and slip back into the trunk. How easy is that? The 3 for $24.99 are the ones we bought, and and may be a bit pricey you say... but in the end, it is well worth it. No plastic bags to damage the environment and can be used over and over. Believe me, we do heavy duty shopping for our families... and they hold a lot of groceries, even at Costco.
I absolutely LOVE these bags! When California law did away with free bags at the grocery store, I wasn't about to pay for the ones they were selling. These are great because they are collapsible and when they are folded the strap is long enough so that you can carry it over your shoulder. The clerks love them too--so fast to pack your groceries. If you think you might not need three of them, think again. They hold A LOT. That may sound good, but trust me, they get HEAVY. If they're overly full they can lose their shape, not to mention that your arms may be stretched out a few inches longer from the weight of carrying them. Ha!
I love these! They fold up neatly when not in use and are so easy to pack. If I'm only picking up a few items I use them to shop rather than grabbing a carriage, so less germ sharing is an unexpected bonus. They actually make bagging fun - I'm always impressed with how much fits, it's like playing Tetris with your purchases. I've had at least five cashiers tell me how awesome these are and "Where did you get them?!" I'm giving these as Christmas gifts to everyone. They'll be all "gee, thanks" when they open their gift but will thank me later when they're the most savvy shopper at the store!
we love these bags, they are durable and sturdy I've been using them for months and bought another batch, they really hold produce nice and since they aren't overly deep the baggers in the store don't tend to pile on things to squish items below which I love. great for taking things on a car trip too.
These make great grocery shopping bags, and are more convenient than the store baskets. They have good capacity, comfortable handles and the fold-down bottom liner is strong enough for heavy canned or bottled goods. They provide a little insulation for refrigerated or frozen goods, but fold down much flatter than foam or bubble-insulated bags, which is a good trade-off. I haven't had to clean mine yet, but given that they are very reasonably priced, recycled and recyclable, and come in a 3-pack, I might just get new ones instead.
I bought a set of these in 2015 and all three are still functioning. They've seen very heavy use and are a little rough around the edges and more limp than they were at first, but intact and usable. I use them not only for groceries, but also pack them to the brim with library heavy that I can hardly carry them. Sometimes they go to the pool and have gotten wet and they survive (even though there is cardboard inside to form the walls). Meanwhile, another brand I purchased less than a year ago just popped a seam on the bottom. Not nearly the quality of these.
I thought they were wonderful until I took them car camping. Stuff got packed on top of one that was partially full, crushing it. They have semi-rigid sides, that are now permanently rumpled. Much less pleasant. So they're great, if you're up for avoiding ever crushing them. But I think I'd rather have nice durable bags, without the rigid sides, that I don't need to worry about crushing.
These are really cute bags and are nice quality - we are planning a trip to Disney soon and are buying treats for the kids ahead of time to save money. This is a great deal on a Mickey Mouse item and will be great for our vacation treats. I know that the kids will love them! I may have to get another set for my husband and I.
Just what I expected!
Great Disney gifts.
These were used as gift bags for two people going to Disney World. They were PERFECT! Good quality, neat design and good for everyday use.
Bought for a gift. They seem sturdy. Really cute. Too soon to tell how the bag will hold up but I think it will do well.
These are great to take to the grocery store! They have the tare tag so you can easily know the weight of the bag. They are very well made and my fruit and veggies stay good so much longer in these bags.
Not exactly what I thought it would be. Haven’t had a chance to use them yet.
Great 2x2s. Have bought in the past and will continue to buy.
Great product, great price.
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