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reusable non-woven bags eco-friendly leading manufacturer

reusable non-woven bags eco-friendly leading manufacturer

Reusable non-woven bags eco-friendly leading manufacturer

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great quality and I love that they stand up to be filled.
Love these. Super strong and I expect them to last for a long time. In most shopping carts, I am able to comfortably fit all three bags.
It's a set of three beautiful and well made sturdy boxes. The color is great, and doesn't look like cheap. Their customer service is beyond excellent; when I found one of the boxes is a defective product, they not only let me to keep the defective one (which was totally usable), but also immediately sent me a whole new product of 3 boxes! Incredible service!
Super strong and holds more than I thought! Love these
bag is quite useful, not able to carry heavy loads. Also material is rather delicate, not durable, yet a stylish bag.
These bags are compact, sturdy and can even stack. I just ordered another set. I recommend these bags!
Love, Stand up by them self so not fighting with flipping bags. Hold a lot, I just have to watch weight so I can carry.Would like to get same type,but smaller.
Great bags for loading groceries and keeping them straight in the rear of your car
These things are life changing! I get asked by so many people at the grocery store where I got them. They can fit so much food and are well built.
I bought some of these bags 2 years ago, and they have been great. I recently ordered another set of 3, and they arrived already damaged. I feel like the quality of the bags has deteriorated.
This is a top-of-the-line reusable shopping bag in terms of quality and that's what I was looking for with this purchase. I was tired of all of the loose reusable shopping bags that were always floating around my trunk that were never very convenient for the people bagging groceries which often resulted in crushed items by the time I got home from the store. The only complaint I have is 1) they are pricey and 2) I wish they were a tad bit larger (or that a larger size was also available). Many reviewers mentioned that these are available at Wal-mart for 1/2 of the Amazon price, but I haven't been to Wal-mart in years and I'd prefer to simply purchase them for a higher price on Amazon rather than change my "no Wal-mart" policy.
I haven't had these long enough to comment on long term durability, but I'm very impressed with the bags so far. They're larger than one would think to look at their folded size and the bottom fold-down panel is quite sturdy. I purchased them to take home items from the store, but I've also started using them in the store on trips with shorter lists. Perfect size.
These bags are great. I have used some that I got from one of these for a long time. These are great to use when the weather is hot. It keeps cold or frozen food til we can get home and we shop at Winn Dixie in the and Wal-Mart in Springville which is 25 miles from home. You want to wrong in purchasing these.
Well made, very sturdy, and a great size for large items, BUT cleaning them easily is an issue and this eventually becomes a problem when using them for food items. I basically use them now for dry good products bought at department stores rather than "grocery shopping" as advertised. And because they fold down nicely, it's also easy to keep a couple on hand in the car for unexpected things. If you're going to buy, get black/grey. At least that color won't show every stain.
I have bought other bags but these are the absolute best! They open up and the bottom is reinforced with a hard but lightweight board.They are extremely sturdy and and great for things like canned goods etc. My husband loves the handiness of how they fit in the back of our car. No bag spillage, easy to carry, easy to unload and put groceries away! This is my third set as I realized I need a total of 9 for each trip to the store. I usually only go shopping about twice a month. This makes bagging groceries sooooo much easier!!!!! I get alot of comments from people wanting to know where I bought them!
Why didn't we do this before? Much better than the supermarket plastic bags and of course much better for the environment and sea creatures that get tangled up in all that plastic we throw away. Who would have thought that such a great invention as plastic could turn around and bite us in the backside???!!!
These are the best grocery bags ever!!!!!!!!! Being square, they fit more items in one and they fit better in the cargo area and DO NOT slide around. Every time we go to the grocery store, the clerks and packers ask where I got them. I bought a second set for the heavy shopping days. Would highly recommend to everyone especially if you have a SUV.
I really like these bags. We got them to save plastic at stores. The insulated bag keeps stuff cool for long travels and all three bags can hold a lot of items. The only downside is one of the straps to the bag popped off so we have to find a way to repair it. Its worth the investment though.
I absolutely love these bags! Very sturdy and holds much more than you would think ! They also fold and are compact when storing. They fit perfectly in a regular size cart, and makes organizing as you shop a snap! I wish I hadn't waited so long to purchase! I would recommend these to anyone who would like to take recycling to the next level, and carry home three bags as opposed to fourteen plastic bags.
Awesome reusable bags!!! Very helpful at stores like Aldi where you have to bring your own bags and bag groceries yourself. They stay upright perfectly making it easy to pack items. You may need to remind grocery store baggers to push down the flap that reinforces the bottom as the fabric there is quite thin.
My husband and I use these for Uber eats and they work great
Best reusable bags I have used to date. Great volume, stability, build and foldability.
Holds great deal of weight and come with hard, rectangular bases you place in the bottom for extra support
Using them to hand out singers
Durable and roomy so far.
If you buy your wine 6 bottles at a time to get the store discount this is the bag for you. There is even a little room for food! Also great for transporting home canned goods in quart jars. Very sturdy and protective.
Does what it's supposed to do
The bags are clearly marked with the tare weight label so the cashier can deduct the bag’s weight from the total amount weighed. I’ve only used them a couple of times but they seem sturdy.
Love these bags, they are sturdy and durable. Tall enough to get large items into and I would reorder again.
These tote bags are amazing and just what we hoped they would be. Strong, dependable and very good quality. Many people ask where we purchased them. Very satisfied with our totes!
These are great for shopping trips! They make it easy to keep your stuff organized and not rolling around in the car trunk. I do use them as shoulder bags but only when they are not too full, otherwise it becomes difficult and uncomfortable. They look well made and of good quality, I expect them to last a long time.
These are great! They hold everything in place and sit in the back of my suv nicely so things don't go flying out of bags
I’ve onlh used these once so far but I’m impressed. They look small but the hold a ton and are sturdy.
I love these shopping bags and so do the service clerks in the grocery store. They are so easy to pack and hold an amazing amount. My daughter was so impressed with them, I bought her a set also.
Wonderful product! Very strong and you can carry a lot of groceries, plus they stay upright and secure.
they work great and hold just the right amount with out being too heavy.
These bags are pretty great! I use them for grocery shopping, mall trips, occasionally for work.
Very sturdy bag, you can fit a lot of groceries into each one of these bags. These bags are great!
Perfect for grocery shopping, taking things from downstairs to upstairs, transporting anything.
Nice bags, zipper broke after two weeks.
Perfection !
My Mom loved these so much, she asked me to get her some. They are a great size and work so much better than the free plastic sacks at the grocery.
wow you need these bags- I finished shopping and they are great! buy them!
A fix for the problem of saggy collapsing canvas grocery-carrying bags. These stand open for use, fold flat for storage.
Good size bags. A little too bulky if youre wanting to put them over your shoulder but good for spacing groceries without having to pile things up.
There are awesome. Hold everything without worry of it breaking or collapsing. A great product!
As advertised.
These bags are so easy and convenient! Very well made and I think they'll last a long time. Anything that makes grocery shopping easier I'm all for it!!
Well made, great carrying baskets. I use them when I go to COSTCO. Highly recommend.
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