reusable bags should not become disposable consumer goods

by:Chengbai     2020-01-16
This year is the third year of the implementation of China\'s \"plastic restriction order.
Since the implementation of \"Plastic Limit\", many businesses have used non-
Replace the original plastic bag with reusable products such as woven bags and paper bags.
More and more people use these bags.
However, are these bags really friendly to our environment?
With the increasing number of reusable bags, many consumers no longer reuse them.
Use these eco-friendly products but turn them into disposable consumer goods.
The more reusable bags consumers have in their hands, the less environmental benefits they get.
It is not difficult to find in the mall that almost half of the clothing and footwear items are placed on the consumer\'s bag counter.
Many consumers have many such bags at home and have never used them.
However, these reusable bags go directly into the trash can.
In addition, some consumers believe that the bags they throw away are bags that do not pollute the environment.
In fact, the degradation of the bag is conditional, and if the consumer uses it as a single product, it may still have an impact on the environment. Non-
Weaving is durable and reusable. it is relatively eco-friendly from this point of view.
In the production process, the woven fabric consumes a lot of energy, and some also contain additives that are harmful to the environment. in the future compensation process, it is difficult to waste resources on the environment.
The reason for reusable bags is not only due to the production, circulation and consumption process of zeroemission, zero-energy.
On the contrary, textile materials and chemical raw materials are required to make bags.
According to industry experts, there are some bags made of polypropylene on the market now. polypropylene is a non-
Easily degraded polypropylene fibers release harmful substances when the temperature rises.
Therefore, the authorities should strictly control the production and shipment of bags and do not let them become new sources of pollution.
In fact, the real meaning of reusable bags is that it is the environmental protection reuse of consumers.
How to make bags with them again?
The most fundamental thing is to control the bag.
If it is released without restriction, the non-woven bag on the market will becometime product.
The environmental value of the bag may be zero, and it may even become negative in serious cases.
Therefore, it is proposed to establish a distribution mechanism for the recycling of reusable bags for each household.
By stacking up with extra bags alone, you can go to nearby and other organizations and concentrate on recycling or paying for a \"lease \".
\"Businesses can recycle their shopping bags and disinfect and reuse them.
At the same time, we can also learn from foreign experience.
For example, in South Korea, shopping, no matter how expensive you buy things in the mall, if guests don\'t bring their own bags, they won\'t give away shopping bags. it takes 100 won to buy environmental paper bags or plastic bags.
The recycling of these bags will store the original price.
Customers can also go to the store or supermarket with new bags instead of old ones.
In addition, the design and production of reusable bags should also become reasonable.
Most consumers believe that since reusable bags are not practical, they can place some clean items with some separate wrapping paper.
The relevant text can also be printed on the bag to encourage consumers to re-use them.
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