retailers could face a $6,300 fine for giving a shopper a plastic bag after ban goes into effect in a matter of weeks

by:Chengbai     2020-01-17
From July 1, plastic shopping bags will be banned in Queensland, a retailer-
Including those online.
Each crime will face fines of up to $6,300.
Queensland uses nearly 1 billion plastic shopping bags a year.
The distance from Coolangatta to the top of Cape York is more than 160 times.
Environmental Minister Leeanne Enoch said in a new initiative to reduce plastic pollution in the state that sadly about 16 million plastic bags appear in our environment every year.
Some towns, such as Bundaberg, have only 48 days to prepare for everything in the stateout ban.
Scroll down to view video player ban, retailers no longer allow single
The Queensland government website provides for free or free use of lightweight plastic shopping bags under 35 microns in thickness.
This includes compost, biodegradable and biodegradable plastic shopping bags.
The Queensland government also said it might launch something similar to \"dob-in-a-
Consumers and retailers can report a \"fool\" plan for businesses they believe provide prohibited packages.
The new legislation allows the Queensland government to include any bags they consider \"inappropriate\" in the future.
The ban is a step the Palaszczuk government has taken to reduce singles
To meet the growing challenges of plastic pollution, plastic products are used.
Minister Enoch said the ban will also help keep our country beautiful for generations to come and reduce the impact of plastic pollution on our precious environment and wildlife.
Queensland retailers have begun replacing plastic shopping bags in preparation for the ban.
Minister Enoch said I congratulate many retailers across the state for not using plastic shopping bags anymore.
Queensland are encouraged to use reusable \"green\" shopping bags, such as backpacks, that they use every day.
Minister Enoch suggested that when you go shopping or collect takeaways, be sure to carry them with you and put them in the front door, in the car or in your bag.
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