recycled plastic messenger bag or purse

by:Chengbai     2020-01-26
No need to sew!
You can combine grocery bags into a thick piece of plastic with an iron.
You can then make a durable, waterproof, recyclable messenger bag or wallet with this plastic.
I \'ve seen some great notes on different variants of molten plastic
Package, I think I will share the process I have been using.
I will show you a wallet I made as a birthday present.
To make a messenger bag, you need to follow the same process, but to make the size bigger.
This is a great bag for the new school year! You\'ll need: -
A lot of thin plastic shopping bags
Several bags with patterns or colors for decoration
1 large garbage bag for strap
A piece of iron (
My iron was broken recently so you will notice that I used the old one
A school Iron usually used as a door stop.
But an ordinary iron is OK)-
Aluminum foil or parchment paper to prevent the iron from sticking to the plasticscissors -
Pin, or a pair of extra hands
Soldering iron (optional)-velcro (optional)-
Your first step is to create a large and thick plastic sheet.
You might want to start with a small practice sheet so you can have a feel for the process and the material.
Warning: Please stop if you see smoke or smell from plastic at any time.
You\'re not doing it right.
You just want to heat the plastic to enough temperature so that the layers will blend together and as far as I can tell this will not release any smoke.
However, as always, you should do this in a well ventilated place just in case.
I like to work on a table or kitchen counter and cover the surface with a towel.
The ironing board is annoying to use because it is too narrow.
Take two grocery bags and cut off the seams on the handle and bottom so you have a nice rectangle.
Put the bag flat together and between two pieces of aluminum foil or parchment (
For cooking).
Important: do not contact the plastic iron directly.
It will melt, burn, smell bad, your iron will be dirty.
Depending on how thick your plastic sheet is, you have to play with the hot settings, but for a bag, start with a medium or low setting.
When you press the iron, you should hear a quiet squeak when the plastic shrinks and fuses.
If you get a lace pattern of a molten hole, the iron is too hot.
If you\'re using translucent parchment, it\'s easy to tell where the plastic blends and sticks to the paper.
Start with a slight pressure and don\'t stay in one place for too long.
Wait a few seconds to let it cool before you lift the foil/paper so you don\'t tear the melty plastic.
When your plastic sheet is thicker, you may need to increase the heat setting on the iron.
Don\'t leave any air bubbles or spots that don\'t fall off, otherwise your plastic will weaken!
Make sure you constantly flip the plastic and iron it on both sides.
Make materials using regular grocery bags.
The size and thickness of the paper you have to make depends on the type of bag you want.
The template below shows the basic shape you have to cut out from the plastic rectangle.
You should adjust each size according to your preference.
The plastic needs to be thick if you want to make a big and strong messenger bag.
I can\'t give you a precise measurement.
When it looks thick enough to keep its shape and hold a lot of weight, all you need to do is judge the thickness of it.
You should be able to pull hard at both ends and not let it stretch or deform.
If you\'re making a wallet or something lighter
Weight, plastic is not necessarily so heavy.
This step is the most time consuming, so please put some loud music and prepare to spend a lot of time ironing the plastic.
In this step, just use the normal package
Next is the decorations.
What\'s interesting is-
Customize the inside and outside of the package with color and pattern.
Look around for funny plastic bags and ask your friends if they have any plastic bags they can give you.
I covered one side of the paper (
Which one will be outside)
Gorgeous gold
A patterned bag in the liquor store.
I also put a smiling face on the inside of the flap.
I cut a bag into strips and put colored stripes in my first messenger bag.
If you iron a thin piece of plastic in a very hot environment, you will get a lace pattern with a small hole.
This may be an interesting part of the design. . .
Mindsed has some beautiful examples of decal patterns in this slide: remember to use the low heat settings and when ironing bags with a lot of ink on them, the speed will be slow as the ink may start to fall off.
Now that you have a beautiful piece of plastic, it\'s time to fold it into a bag.
Find out your final size and cut the plastic to the template below so it looks like an expanded pastry box.
First, you fold the plastic along one of the two horizontal dotted lines in the middle of the paper.
Overlap the two labels so that the plastic is folded at right angles.
Whether that small label is inside or outside of the long label.
You just have to merge the two labels together.
An easy way is to place the labels in the corner of the table or table top, as shown below, and then blend them together.
You should fuse the interior with the tip of the iron (white side)
Also part of the seam.
In order to heat this multi-layer plastic, the iron must be at a rather high temperature.
You will need to blend these layers firmly together, but do not over melt/damage the flakes of the surrounding plastic!
Once you melt both corners into a right angle, it goes to the next step!
Next, fold the plastic along another horizontal dotted line so that the two long labels overlap.
Ironing this seam is a bit tricky but the idea is the same.
Ask someone to give you a hand or pin two long labels together.
Place the bag on the side of it so that the overlapping labels can be placed flat on the table and carefully iron the inside (white side).
If you are having problems using the iron, try using the soldering iron.
Be careful not to accidentally melt the hole with the tip!
Remember to iron the outside of the seam.
The best way is to take a long piece of wood like two woodby-
Four, let its end stretch out from the edge of the table.
Then you sew it on two. by-
Four, so you have something to press on the iron.
You can make a good strap with garbage bags.
This is the only part of the project that is not recycled, but you really don\'t want to wear old garbage bags.
I love the black straps, but the white or blue trash bag could be an exciting strap if you like adventure.
Don\'t worry, these straps are very comfortable.
If there is some kind of handle or tie on the top of the garbage bag, please cut them off.
Then fold the bag half vertically and then iron it.
Once it is fully fused, fold it half vertically.
Keep half fold and iron until you leave a long strip twice as wide as the one you want.
Cut this piece vertically and make two strips about 2 inch wide (
You might want the strap to be a little narrower for the wallet).
You blend the ends of these two straps together to make a beautiful long strap.
Make sure the ends overlap a few inches and blend them very safely!
You don\'t want the straps to be loose. . .
The end of the strap is then fused into the seams on both sides of the bag.
Figure out how long the strap will take, then stick the strap into the bag and blend it into the side seam.
I found that the weakest part of the bag was where the strap was attached to the top of the bag.
Over time, the straps may start tearing at this point.
It may help if you don\'t iron the straps to the top of the bag --
Instead, leave a little space below the top.
Now fold the flaps down.
It should keep it down on its own, but if you want it to turn off more securely, you can use velcro or experiment with a color button or magnetic closure. And that\'s it -you\'re done!
Go and enjoy the compliments of your unique bag.
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