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Suppliers of non-woven manufacturers are constantly innovating.
Eastman continues to improve Cyphrex microfibers according to John Woods, general manager of Eastman microfibre business, Cyphrex microfibers have been developed to meet the increasingly demanding non--
Especially the wet ones.
By increasing the strength, uniformity and productability, manufacturers of woven and special paper can benefit. Customer-
The specific development of various potential terminals is under way
Uses include, but are not limited to, filtration, packaging height-
Durable paper, wallpaper and battery.
\"Since its first launch in 2013, we have continued to expand our Eastman Cyphrex microfiber portfolio.
We have driven this by the pairing that continues to advance in our world-
Classic technology and proprietary microfibre process-
A technology that can manufacture microfibers consisting of a unique combination of size, shape and material ---
Through the demand and insights gained from the external market, the value chain of non-woven fabrics and special paper is linked.
He added that the demand for innovation in the non-woven fabric industry has prompted customers to continuously seek new material inputs so that they can achieve differentiated performance in their products, at the same time, they avoid making major processes and/or processes for this /.
\"Eastman Cyphrex microfibers continue to prove that they are such a material,\" Woods continued . \".
\"As mentioned earlier, our customers often seek new materials with inherent functional advantages to help them develop differentiated non-woven products.
However, these new materials usually bring about performance transactions --offs.
For example, a fiber that has a significant improvement in the strength and durability of the woven fabric may be at the expense of uniformity (
Even manageable)of the product.
\"Because Cyphrex microfibers are easily incorporated into the existing wet-
This can greatly broaden the design capabilities of weaving producers ---
This gives them the opportunity to develop the next generation of performance non-woven materials.
Mark Clark, technical director of microfibre platform at Eastman Chemical Company, said Eastman Cyphrex microfibers undoubtedly provide non-woven fabric manufacturers with a new raw material input for new product development considerations
\"New materials, especially new materials that have a certain relationship with old materials (
Synthetic fibers)
This has created recipe and manufacturing challenges in the past, at least with similar problems ---
If not more, \"he said.
By investing in two hardware (i. e.
Paper/non-woven manufacturing equipment)and software (i. e.
Experience non-wet shop
Knitting and paper making scientists)
As a microfibre supplier, Eastman has built application development capabilities that not only help to clearly demonstrate the value created in the following areas
Through its unique material use, it also provides itscustom people with the opportunity to acquire knowledge and expertise with how they make the best use of these in their design and operation
After starting the Eastman Cyphrex micro-fiber platform with different apair
Especially Cyphrex 10001 and Cyphrex 10002, originally for filtration applications, the dialogue being held with the leaders in the non-woven industry shows that we need a synthetic fiber, the fiber can be compatible with added value materials with high cellulose pulp content-i. e. so-
Professional Papers.
The results of these dialogues and major development efforts ---both fiber-
Related and non-woven
Product and application development expertise using eastman--
Cyphrex 10101. This 0.
4-Dan PET fiber with unique flat cross
Actually, the section looks very similar to the cross shape.
Section shape of cellulose fiber.
Therefore, it is very compatible with cell materials ---
Whether in a non-woven or paper roll product or at a non-woven wet end, synthetic fibers can be surprising.
It is the combination of product and process functions that enable non-woven fabric producers to obtain significantly enhanced uniformity, strength, durability and operability to meet the growing demand
Demanding requirements for customer applications.
EXCOM has launched a new grade Vistamaxx EXCOM chemical to launch a new grade low viscosityVistamaxx high performance polymer hygiene and Assembly hot meltadhesive application.
The Vistamaxx 8780 and 8380 brands extend the adhesive application option of Vistamaxx 8880, which was put into commercial use in 2015.
These three low viscosity polymers make them high.
Performance, low odor, low density hot adhesive for packaging hygiene and assembly applications.
Based on ExxonMobil\'s proprietary metallocene technology, the Vistamaxx polymer is able to develop a new generation of low-odor, minimum-color, high-quality melt glue recipes that will cause you trouble
Apply for free.
These new polymers provide a range of properties for Hot Melt Adhesive, including low density, for more adhesive mileage.
They give the Hot Melt Adhesive formula a good thermal stability, while providing a foreign service temperature range, and the ability to customize a highly consistent viscosity with an adjustable on/set time.
The Hot Melt Adhesive formula using Vistamaxx polymer provides a broad processing window, application technology and service temperature change.
\"The Vistamaxx polymer offers a wide range of properties that overcome many of the shortcomings of the traditional hot melt adhesive skeleton,\" said Gertrud Masure, global market development manager, exxonchemical Chemical.
\"Since these polymers are made using our metalloca technology, the formulators can make a cleaner, more reliable adhesive.
\"The Vistamaxx 8380 and 8780 are designed for hygienic applications that require low-odor, minimum-color adhesives.
They make a heat-stable formula with a polymer load of 45-65%.
The formulator can flexibly manufacture Hot Melt Adhesive that meets the requirements of opening and setting time, and at the same time, it can also provide a higher mileage compared with the SBC-based adhesive (
And Mao metal polyethylene (MCN-PE).
This, combined with good adhesion to low surface energy substrates, provides added value for diapers and adult incontinence products because less adhesive is required during manufacturing, and lower adhesive use can be better accessories, smaller product volume.
Vistamaxx 8380 is also good-
Suitable for Hot Melt Adhesive used in assembly applications such as wood tape lamination and automotive.
Compared to APAO, it allows a heat stable formula with better adhesion and heat resistanceand EVA-
Based on the formula, low odor and minimal color are provided at the same time.
The formula can obtain a polymer load of 70-
90%, thus reducing the density, increasing the mileage and becoming a potential source of added value for consumers of assembled adhesives.
The Vistamaxx 8880 is ideal for packaging applications, including case and carton sealing.
It makes the formula with a polymer load of up to 90% twice as much as the formula using vinyl acetate (EVA)or MCN-PE.
This results in a significantly lower density, lighter weight formula, and with fewer products being used to make stronger bonding, more boxes can be bonded with the same amount of adhesive, which can provide added value.
\"Our low viscosity Vistamaxx polymer adds flexibility to the hot meltadhesive formula to meet the ever-increasing performance requirements of the adhesive industry.
Without affecting the performance of the adhesive, they provide a replacement for a low-odor formula, \"said saysMasure.
\"These polymers also help to ensure the stability of the adhesive supply as they come from ready-made raw materials.
\"Goulston responds to the changing needs of non-woven fabric producers and continues to develop new products for existing applications using more cost-effective production solutions.
For example, replace the artificial silk with polyester or polypropylene non-woven fabric.
The performance requirements of these fabrics remain the same, but the challenge is to replace the artificial silk with fabrics with similar hydrophilic and anti-static properties.
Hydrophilicand defense
Polyester and polypropylene fabrics can be enhanced or modified by local application of additives to obtain static properties.
Galston Technology Co. , Ltd.
Provides a variety of different local application treatments, providing non-durable orsemi-
It has long-lasting hydrophilic properties, hydrophobic properties and anti-static properties. Nonwovens end-
The use of a product that needs to demonstrate hydrophilic properties and is designed for a one-time application usually requires a non-
Durable hydrophilic finish system.
These finishes are designed to have good initial hydrophilic properties, but can easily be washed out of the potential hydrophobic substrate.
Features of these treatments include excellent emulsion quality and stability, lower surface tension values (
Resulting in uniform coverage of the fiber surface)
And static protection.
This specially formulated fine chemistry can be applied as a rotary finish or finish coat by spray, kiss roll or dip bath.
Newer markets need final chemicals that provide hydrophilic properties through multiple insults, or are not easily removed from the surface of the fiber. Semi-
The durable finish design has a great affinity for the fiber surface, so it is not easy to wash off.
Keep half
Long-lasting hydrophilic properties usually contain components with balanced hydrophilic-
Structure of aquatic organisms. Assemi-
The durable hydrophilic properties increase, and the stability of the emulsion may be reduced, making its application on the substrate more difficult.
Some markets require non-woven fabrics to have a hydrophobic property.
The challenge in these markets is to provide the lubrication and anti-static protection required for processing without compromising the inherent polypropylene water-repellent on the surface of the fiber.
While silicone is the most commonly used local treatment for drainage, other options, where silicone may not be a viable option, include a special ester for fluorine chemistry and low viscosity.
Many non-woven products, both hydrophilic and hydrophobic, require Electrostatic protection.
Galston Technology Co. , Ltd.
Have the expertise required to assist customers in choosing the right set.
Polyvel offers a resin alternative the economic value proposition of Polyvel CR20PX2 can be used by adding our special Masterbatch directly to your meltblown system with cheaper, more
The cost of using the CR20PX2 product is about 6 cents per pound.
This can be compared with the price difference between the meltblown grade of polypropylene and the spinning or injection molding grade of polypropylene.
In addition to the cost savings, the use of our products also gives you the freedom to source from many polypropylene suppliers, as the list of fusion-sprayed polypropylene producers is limited, this improves the source of the polypropylene grade that you avoid supply disruptions and the easiest to get, cheaper. The NH-
P01 products make the fabric softer.
The mother material developed by Imperial Gold is flame retardant.
Teijin Co. , Ltd. has developed a phosphorus flame retardant FCX-
210, polymer with uson fiber and resin.
This particle type enables textilemanufacturers to provide excellent heat resistance for a wide range of products without the need to build a dedicated facility or to add traditional flame retardant materials to the raw materials in advance.
FCX launched in 2013
210 provides high flame retardant properties for various plastics without losing any flame retardant properties or changing the original properties of the plastic.
In addition, only a relatively small number is required.
OEM production started in Taiwan in 2014, FCX-
Since then, 210 of electronic products and auto parts have been widely used.
In addition, FCX-
Halogen is 210-
Free products to make it safer
More eco-friendly users.
Brand new color female FCX-
210 will bring the same advantages to the textile manufacturing industry and bring the highest transparency in the world for unparalleled colors.
In addition, unlike traditional phosphorus flame retardant, FCX-
The 210 is not dissolved and the drainage process is easier to achieve.
Teijin has started to provide samples to expand the fcx-
Interior products such as curtains, carpets and wallpaper that require high heat resistance account for 210.
Teijin expects revenue from FCX210to reach [yen]2 billion ($21. 9 million)by 2020.
WACKER has launched the Wetsoft NE 750, an innovative hydrophilicsoftener for textile, fiber and non-woven finishing. Itswater-
Free concentrate can be diluted to different concentrations.
According to the company, the main component of the product is a new patent-pending polymer based on amino-functional silicone and ethylene glycol.
Free arrangement of silicone fluid segments
Move the coil outside the fabric to reduce the friction between the fibers.
This provides a very soft feeling for the fabric surface, which still exists after washing.
On the other hand, the multi-gan segment ensures a silicone finish that is usually water
Insect repellent to maintain the permeability to water.
The test shows that the material made with wet soft NE 750 has a pleasant, soft and full feel while maintaining water absorption.
As a result, they quickly absorb moisture from the skin and hair.
The combination of soft and absorbent properties for high
High quality textiles and non-woven fabrics, according to the company.
A hydrophilic fabric softener can also be applied to other fabrics, such as towels, fabrics, or knitting, through an exhaust or filling process.
Cotton and blended fabrics containing polyester fibers can be completed together with the product.
\"Due to the use of synthetic fibers, turning the hydrophobic surface into a hydrophilic surface is one of the challenges in the non-woven fabric industry.
Wetsoft NE 750 combines this advantage with a comfortable feel that only silicone can achieveBased on softener.
This product can also be used for viscose or cottonNon-woven fabric-Like a disposable item.
In modern non-woven products, many manufacturers see a variety of properties.
Wetsoft NE 750 combines the hydrophilic effect with excellent softness.
In addition, unique polymers ensure stability even during rapid operation.
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