pulse jet bag filter system working principle

by:Chengbai     2020-03-13
Air pollution is a big problem in the world.
When a combustion process occurs in industrial and manufacturing companies, dust particles are mixed with air.
When the air released in the air pollutes the environment, it is harmful to the respiratory system.
The solution to this problem is the bag filter system.
Bag filter system or bag filter is a fabric filter used to remove particles in air or gas released by combustion in steel mills, power plants, industrial and manufacturing companies.
It is a cylindrical bag made of felt fabric as a filter medium.
Due to the dust collected on the surface of the fabric, the device collects particles very effectively.
There are various types of bag filter systems on the market, depending on the mechanism of collecting dust and the cleaning method.
They are classified as Mechanical vibrators, reverse gas, and pulse jets.
Dust can be collected through the following mechanisms.
Inertia collection of dust particles hitting fibers perpendicular to the airflow.
Dust particles directly contact the interception of the fiber.
Brown motion of particle diffusion below Micron.
Static Power captures dust by using electrostatic charges on particles.
Filter bag system, filter bag fabric and filter the air assembled by the whole system, the bracket of the shell or housing, the Hopper collecting dust, the discharge device used in the electrostatic system, filter cleaning device for reverse pulse jet, fan to exhaust, fan, compressor to improve speed, programming timer unit for reverse pulse jet.
Working principle as shown in the figure pulse injection system, dust lead air in the bag dust collector flows continuously at speed.
Inside the system filter, the air and dust particles are separated.
Dust-free air sent to the environment.
During a pre-set time interval, the reverse pulse jet clears the bag.
The dust particles piled up on the bag are separated from the bag and fall into the hopper after a pulse injection cycle.
The collected material may then burn in the hopper, thus minimizing the amount of material collected.
The advantage of the pulsed jet system is the high collection efficiency of dust.
High empty cloth ratio (
Is the volume flow of air flowing through the dust collector)
Active cleaning of woven bags.
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