production process of nonwoven bags

by:Chengbai     2020-01-15
However, with the continuous improvement of customers\' requirements for products and environmental protection, many new non-
Here we introduce several mainstream markets: first, watermark.
Because of the use of water-
Printing media named after glue bombs are more common in textile printing, also known as printing.
Print paste and water-
The base glue is harmonious.
Edit and print photos without chemical solvents, rinse directly with water.
It has good color intensity, strong firmness and strong coverage, can be washed and has little smell.
The second is concave printing.
Processed in this way is usually called laminated non
Woven Bag products.
This process is divided into two steps, that is, the traditional concave printing process is used to coat the graphic film, and then the pattern is used in the non-
Woven Composite film.
The color pattern is generally non-large area
Printing woven bags using this process.
Exquisite printing, full use of machine production, short production cycle.
Another product has excellent waterproof performance, and the durability of the finished product is more than that of other non-
Woven bag production process is better.
The optical film and the matte film are two options, with a matte effect!
The disadvantage is that there is a conflict with the concept of environmental protection, because the film is difficult to degrade.
Third, heat transfer.
Thermal transfer printing is special in printing!
This method requires intermediate media, that is, printing the graphics to the thermal transfer or heat transfer paper, film, and then heating by the transfer device, in the non-woven fabrics.
Thermal transfer media commonly used in textile printing are thin films.
Its advantages are: exquisite printing, rich version level, and comparable photos.
Small area for color images for printing.
The disadvantages are high price and high printing cost.
Bag with cotton, but no.
Weaving, the key to environmental protection is whether these materials are degraded.
Among them, the national standard for environmental protection processing of materials is polyethylene, because it has a relatively good degradation capacity for other materials.
Luggage styles that meet different needs.
Classification by shape: Three-
Flat bags, Flat bags (
Not the thickness of ordinary green bags)
, Pouch organs (
That is, at the end of the thickness, the thickness of the bag has no surface), complex (Review)
Film, Heart bag, folding bag (purse bag)
Rope bag, rope bag.
Divided by pattern: net color (plain)
Bag of purchase products, bag of color, bag of heat transfer, bag of offset, bag of embroidery, bag of Silk (
The most common color of the bag is printed).
Classification by size: standard size package, mini package, large package.
Sort according to special requirements: Custom
Bag, insulated bag, Silver
Reusable shopping bags.
According to different age levels, the package can be divided into the following: cartoon-
Some kids type packs, simple-
Typing bag for friends who like simple, DIY bag is designed for people who like custom designmade.
The bag is suitable for companies that support the sale of their products to achieve efficiency gains.
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