practical traveler; luggage that does tricks

by:Chengbai     2020-02-23
Last month, on a family trip, I counted eight items carried by three of us: a canvas sports bag, a tennis racket, two backpacks, my wallet and a cold storage bag with food
Great meal flight.
While in Gainesville, our granddaughter added a total of 10 University of Florida umbrellas and a tote bag full of college catalogues.
After checking the two packs, we still have too many things to continue easily.
Looking at the carousel of LaGuardia, I see a lot of bags big enough to hold a folded football player with a batch of my stuff and I hope to have something big, although no one wants to lift the football player up.
One answer is to pile them together while carrying their luggage.
More and more luggage companies are making parts that can be buckled together, or using pull handles that can hold the laptop case or backpack. L. L. Bean has them;
So is Eagle Creek and ebags. com, the on-
Baggage station.
Swiss Army knife maker backpack comboomerinox has launched a combination, the Mono Trek Pack, which attracted attention last month in the development of tourist merchandise approvals in Orlando, according to people present.
Just arrived at the store now.
Designed for backpackers who may not intend to carry other luggage, by 22-inch-
High wheel backpack with telescopic handle for short use (12 inches)or long (21 inches).
One of the main differences in this bag is the handle, which is shaped like a T, not an up-
Under U, the grip rotates so that the user is not forced to twist the wrist.
The handle is bent so that when it retracts and the package is tied to the back, it is like a spine with a human profile.
Distributor of St, TRG accessories
Louis says the design puts most of the weight on the hips rather than on the shoulders.
When the backpack is worn, a strong seat belt and belt are exposed to the back;
There is also a handle on one side of the package for the suitcase mode.
Outside is a removable backpack.
Advertising packaging, a project in a new email
Travel Gear series for sport adventure, with lots of pockets and zippers, weighing 6 pounds 12 oz, black, gray or Swiss Army red.
The recommended price is pretty amazing $325.
Information about where to buy :(888)658-0717.
Pullman plus daipagegel Creek hotels in Vista, California
, Call its combination Switchback Plus.
This is an ordinary Pullman suitcase 22 inch long with traditional advantages
The pull down handle, plus the zipper and clip are all in the daypack above, made of American material.
It has straps so it can be carried, but it is not far away because it is still a suitcase.
It weighs 8 pounds an ounce, black, dark green and brick red.
The recommended price is $220.
You can see it when Eaglecreek. com.
Information on retail outlets ,(800)874-1048.
Bean\'s model is a rolling travel bag with you. The 19-
The inch Pullman has a traditional pull handle and shoulder strap.
The Daypack is brought on and can be passed out as a briefcase.
The package weighs 10 pounds.
The price of black, navy, khaki cloth, green and red is $199. Ordering: (800)221-4221, or www . llbean. com/traveler.
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New wrinkles-or anti-wrinkle --
SkyRoll was launched at the tourism commodities Association exhibition.
This is a garment bag that can be rolled up and can still be installed through the airport\'s security device.
It looks like a neat luggage bag or bag for sleeping bags, there is an internal frame, it is not completely round, but it is almost triangular, there is a core that opens from both ends, so shoes and other bulky items can slip into it.
Clothes for a day or two-
It would be effective to go to a wedding or party on weekends ---
Place in the flat section, roll around the core and close with Velcro and plastic clips.
The idea is to avoid wrinkles by not folding clothes.
Don Chernoff patent of SkyRoll, Vienna, Va.
, 22 inch long, the diameter may be 10 inch when packaging.
Weight 4 pounds;
The manufacturer estimates that, assuming there is not a large amount of liquid in the package, the weight at the time of packaging is 12 pounds.
Only black ballistic nylon.
It is made in the Philippines and can be seen on www. skyroll. com.
When it arrives at stores and catalogues this summer, it is expected to sell for $175. Information: (866)367-0011.
It is worth buying luggage or preparing for shopping, and it is not always advantageous to buy electronic luggage because it has user reviews.
Although buyers do not seem to hate the issue, the number of broken \"feet\" reports on wheeled luggage of all brands is notable.
My wheelchair. on is a Boyt --
This brand is not available on Ebags.
Three years ago, when my foot broke on the subway steps, I called Boyt at iowafalls and wanted to know where to ship my sick bag.
To my surprise, they sent me a new pair of feet for $5 and I could connect it with a screwdriver.
Good so far.
Those wheeled luggage with non-rotating handles who find their wrists tired during long-distance meetings may want to try a type called Sim-Pul.
This is a plastic hook with a comfortable handle that is 5 inch and a half long and can be broken on the pull handle so you can hold your wrist on the normal front sideand-aft position.
It was designed by a flight attendant, who was injured in his elbow and was in pain when pulling his luggage.
Germa, skokey, sick.
A company that manufactures and sells the equipment. It costs $19. 95, plus $4.
95 shipping if ordered from Sim-
6960 East Gate Avenue, Lebanon, Tennessee. 37090, from (800)720-4433.
At the same time, the airline baggage war continues.
Continental Airlines went to court last year to prevent United Airlines from putting customers\' luggage together through size templates in a lobby at Dulles Airport.
Continental Airlines have bigger shipping costs
On the bin, but its customers were forced to check bags that did not fit the Manchester United template, about 14 inch wide, about 10 inch high in the center and about 9 inch high on the side.
On January, a judge ruled against mainland companies.
At the end of last month, the judge ordered the removal of the equipment, calling them unreasonable trade restrictions and fined United Airlines $250,000. Joseph P.
United spokesman Hopkins said the line would be appealed.
On January 2001, the US Department of Transport just released statistics showing why Americans are so obsessed with carrying luggage.
These figures include reports of lost, damaged, delayed or stolen baggage-carry-
Luggage is not included in these figures because the airline has never been responsible.
The average is 5.
71 out of every 1,000 domestic passengers in 10 major airlines reported an increase over 5.
54 persons per 1,000 in January 2000.
The worst record of advertising this year was registered by cross-world airlines with a registration rate of 7.
9. Alaska Airlines is best to use 3. 22.
Manchester United ranked fourth in five points.
37 and five on the mainland. 5.
The total number of baggage reports from 10 airlines in January was 222,111;
It was 201,257 a year ago, which means that, not surprisingly, the problem is rising with the wave of passengers.
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Luggage with tricks
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