pp woven bags - a global choice of plastic packaging

by:Chengbai     2020-03-23
The most popular product in the world is polypropylene (PP)woven bags.
It is the most widely used packaging option for commodities such as cement, fertilizers and chemicals.
PP woven bags are also being used for food grains and sugar.
Therefore, PP woven bag manufacturers have strong demand for both domestic and international markets.
There are several key factors that lead it to prioritize the selection of jute and paper as the main packaging material.
Functional performance and cost-effectiveness explain its growing popularity around the world.
Advantage PP woven bag suppliers are ready to make a major leap in the next few years, and their ability to meet demand has also improved given positive signals.
Since the supply of raw materials is not seasonal, the production process maintains a stable output.
When it comes to its advantages, the water seepage rate of these products is low and the moisture-proof effect is good.
The likelihood of infection is low or medium.
Also, it is easy to buy all year round. The cost-
Effectiveness is a major contributor to its choice.
It is very convenient to operate and has good reusability.
Stack stability is considerable.
The possibility of microbial attack or air pollution is zero.
The drop test performance is really good.
The sensory deterioration is minimal.
Its aesthetic appeal is another strong point in explaining its widespread global growth.
The industry scene of global plastic woven bag production is fixed at 6. 25 million tpa.
The industry is growing at five points.
The compound growth rate in the past five years was 6%. India -
One of the leading woven bag manufacturersconsumes 0.
7 million tpa increased rapidly at 8: 00. 7% CAGR.
Bulk packaging of food grains, sugar, tea, fruits and vegetables is considered to be an assessment of the suitability of PP woven bags with other selected materials.
PP woven bags for food cereals and sugar packaging and storage of food cereals and sugar are a challenging task as they are both moisture-absorbing and heat-active.
Therefore, the ideal packaging system for these goods should have sufficient mechanical properties and should be able to maintain high quality for a long timeterm storage.
The main advantages are weather resistance, UV resistance and sufficient tensile strength.
These are conducive to the metabolism of grains, the loss of water and temperature.
The Godown trials have determined whether they are suitable for long term trials
Long-term storage of insects with less penetration and lower moisture penetration.
From the perspective of food safety standards, PP woven bags are considered safer.
The smell of storing food has not changed.
They met a physical therapist.
Chemical and biological tests required for food storage.
The PP weaving supplier does not need to advertise it as the buyer is well aware of its applicability.
The market is ready to develop, the demand for PP woven bags is large, is the blessing of PP packaging bag manufacturers.
The evaluation of moisture content and sensory properties of tea stored in PP woven bags by PP woven bags suitable for auction tea packaging shelf life was found to be much better than yellow sacks.
The chemical quality of tea stored in the woven bags of jute and PP is comparable.
It was found that the mechanical performance of PP woven bag is better than that of sacks.
Transportation adaptability and stackability are comparable to those of the yellow sacks.
Test reports and findings show that PP woven bags are not only better, but also cheaper options for bulk auction of tea packaging.
PP woven bag manufacturers are pleased to hear the clear support to support the product.
Bulk packaging requires bulk packaging to be sturdy, durable, lightweight and to provide adequate protection by increasing storage/shelf life.
It should be easy to handle, cost-effective, reusable and recyclable, and its impact on the environment should be minimal given the life cycle analysis of the packaging material.
If you record all these parameters, PP woven bag is the best choice.
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