powerful lobbying groups want to make sure you keep using plastic bags

by:Chengbai     2020-06-20
Plastic bags, as a cheap and convenient means of transport, have become ubiquitous in many parts of the world. Meant for one-
Over time, plastic bags have left a deep mark on the Earth.
Around the world, countries are taking action to either ban the use of light plastic bags, charge plastic bags, or tax them from shops that sell them.
Countries that completely ban plastic bags include Rwanda, China, Taiwan and Macedonia.
In the United States, plastic bags are banned in more than 100 counties and cities, and California is the first state to ban plastic bags across the state.
However, many of these important measures are in trouble in the United States.
California\'s landmark legislation is now on hold, adding a referendum to the November 2016 vote to lift the ban.
Florida and Arizona have passed legislation banning plastic bags from breaking the law.
Powerful and large groups of special interests lobby support these \"bag bans\" and lawsuits against existing bans.
External interest groups are funding these efforts to dissuade and abolish local legislation.
These are mainly progressive bags affiliates funded by the country\'s largest plastic bag manufacturer and the US chemical Commission.
On March 26, 2015, the House of Georgia rejected Senate Bill 139, which prohibits restrictions on plastic bags and other individual plastic bags in cities and towns. use items.
Before the vote, it was a hot issue where both sides were trying to get support.
I am against the bill because I am passionate about instilling the values of reuse and recycling and supporting legislation with good common sense.
There is no bill.
For example, two Georgian communities interested in these restrictions, Athens --
Clark County and tabby Island.
Taibi island residents are battling the devastating effects of plastic waste on their coastline.
Not only do they rely on tourism as a pillar of the economy, but they are home to five of the world\'s seven turtles.
Unfortunately, turtles take in plastic bags, which pose a significant risk to health and even death. In Athens-
Clark County, citizens are trying to meet their waste
With the landfill filling, the target is transferred.
These bags are not only problematic in traditional waste environments, but also in recycling facilities.
Plastic bags are harder to recycle and can damage expensive equipment.
Sea turtles on the island of tabby take in plastic bags and consider them jelly fish, which can lead to serious health risks.
The photos provided by Georgian DNRLet are real information about plastic bags; they are non-
Biodegradable, resulting in huge buildings
Littering, harming animals, increasing our dependence on oil and polluting our waters.
We exchange these for convenience.
Americans use and process an unfathomable 100 billion plastic bags each year, using at least 12 million barrels of oil each year in their manufacturing.
Last year, Taibi Island taxpayers spent $600,000 on beach cleaning and related waste management without the help of the state.
Nationwide, only about 3% of plastic bags are recycled each year.
These bags may take thousands of years to break down, but they are not completely broken down due to the nature of the material.
So there\'s a huge amount-
Use plastic to flush our rainwater pipes, into our rivers, lakes, and finally into our oceans.
Once the plastic is exposed to harsh conditions of salt water and sunlight, it breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces.
This marine plastic pollution, driven by a powerful circulating water flow, accumulates into five huge garbage belts, with the largest one estimated to be twice that of Texas, located in the North Pacific.
This is only what we can see on the surface;
The amount below is much larger.
This plastic contamination does not accumulate forever, quickly breaks in gyres, it will be pushed to the Earth, where it will wash up on the beach or settle under the sea, like smoke in the air.
In Georgia, the impact of plastic bags is evident in our beloved chatachhochi River and in the stream and stream network of river basins.
In the heavy rain, you can see hundreds of such bags on trees and bush branches, real eye shadow, too high, and volunteers participating in regular cleaning can\'t arrive.
The good news is that we are slowly realizing this person.
Created the crisis, and all localities passed their own legislation to reduce plastic bags nationwide.
Some companies are already taking steps on their own.
Whole Foods will be attributed to carrying your own luggage, and then you can contribute to many reasons for the entire Earth Foundation, and my favorite thing is to offer micro-enterprise loans to poor women.
At Costco, although you can reuse their cardboard packaging containers, they do not provide bags at all.
In Georgia, we have won a victory in preventing strong foreign groups from interfering in our local politics and stopping important legislation.
Unfortunately, this is just the beginning.
One of the best ways you can make a difference is to start at home and implement the 4Rs family policy-
Reuse, reduce, recycle and reject!
Just refuse to throw plastic bags and other uses-away items.
You can also visit the website of the plastic pollution Alliance and the 5 Gyres Institute to learn more about the threat of plastic waste.
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