polypropylene: the material behind the reusable shopping bag trend

by:Chengbai     2020-07-03
Unless you are in trouble recently, you may already be aware of the global trend of reusable shopping bags.
These types of bags are recognized for their environmental nature and financial stability.
Suppliers around the world are encouraging the use of these bags, and some government authorities are passing laws that encourage or even force the use of them.
The most typical material used by shopping bag manufacturers to produce these products is polypropylene, a synthetic material made mainly from crude oil.
Polypropylene is a great choice for eco-friendly manufacturing, as it has much less poison than some other common plastics, such as the one used in disposable plastic bags.
It can be recycled relatively easily.
Nevertheless, compared to some other plastics, polypropylene may break or tear after several times of use and may last hundreds or even thousands of times.
Some reusable bag manufacturers choose to produce PP woven shopping bags because they are resilient to water.
Other common synthetic materials, such as nylon, are easy to absorb water, so mold and other similar problems are prone to occur.
However, you don\'t need to worry about water damage when using polypropylene shopping bags.
The purchase of bags and storage inside will not be destroyed by rain.
This improves the practicality and reusability of the package.
Another common reason for this material is that its cost is quite low.
Although prices may vary greatly depending on the price of crude oil, prices are generally quite low overall.
Polypropylene works very well with most automated production machines.
After production, very durable, tear-resistant;
Nevertheless, it is still in a position where it can be stitched, which is often critical for the proper PP woven shopping bag design.
Mass production helps reduce spending.
This enables suppliers to generate considerable profits and allows consumers to buy bags at low cost.
Another important factor in polypropylene is that it has a good immunity to reusable bags.
Inserting heavy things into the bag does not distort the bag or stretch the handle.
In addition, this material redirects the weight in a way that allows it to carry a very heavy load and can easily carry a tear of more than 100.
Many other companies use this polymer because of this resistance to exhaustion.
Home furniture companies, kitchenware companies, and even food industry companies often use polypropylene in items that are both durable and non-toxic.
Reusable Shopping Bag manufacturers have many additional options for components including cotton and organic fabrics.
Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that almost all of the most well-known shopping bag suppliers with the most durable goods use polypropylene in their products.
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