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by:Chengbai     2020-06-18
NASHIK: in order to ensure that plastic is completely banned during the period of the pollution control board Kumbh Mela of Maharashtra, the Green Kumbh board and Bosch have issued 100% cotton bales, pilgrims will be distributed during the three Shashi Snan days.
The Bales will be exchanged with plastic bags carried by pilgrims.
The bags are made locally to bring income to the locals.
\"We took the initiative together to enforce the plastic ban.
This is produced locally, 100% of which is cotton, because cotton growers will also get some income, and women will get some income.
\"Help groups and local printers,\" said Rajesh Pandit, a member of the green Kumbh committee chaired by the Revenue Commissioner.
In addition, seeds of native plants will be distributed to pilgrims to encourage tree planting. MPCB sub-
Sanjay Bhosale, a district official, said, \"we will put the seeds of indigenous plants, herbs, fruits and medicinal plants in a bag for pilgrims and sahuans.
They can plant anywhere.
Even if they lose seeds on the road, they will grow.
Dheeraj Bachhav, a green activist, said volunteers and students from the green Kumbh committee will distribute bags to pilgrims.
\"We will give pilgrims 5000 Bales at each of the three Shahi snans.
We distribute the package for the first time and call on everyone to use the cotton bag through the information in the package
Vice President Bosch said: \"Say no to plastic
President Yeolekar is in trouble.
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