plastics lobby hopes voters will unban its bags

by:Chengbai     2020-06-28
When the picturesque little neighborhood of Bisby, Arizona, decided to ban singles
In 2014, leaders in the plastics industry were concerned that Bisbee had triggered a trend.
Other cities in Arizona-
Kimman, Flagstaff, Tempe-
Similar restrictions are being considered;
Bag makers worry that the whole country will soon collapse.
So they do what corporate lobbyists do in a reliable conservative state: they convince lawmakers and governors that a ban like Bisbee is illegal.
Next door is deep blue California, where more than 150 local jurisdictions have banned the bags, defending the market department for singles
It turns out that using plastic bags is more complicated.
60% of California respondents expressed support for the ban on plastic bags;
It is impossible to lift the existing ban.
As a result, the industry has stepped up efforts to block bans across the state.
It was successful for a while.
MP Julia Browley wrote a bill in 2010 that will ban singles
Carrying bags using any material;
After Virginia, it failed in the Senate.
The US-based chemistry committee is trying to beat it.
But on 2014, state senators Alex Padila, Kevin de Leon, and Ricardo Laura worked together to create a law with a smaller limit that would ban most plastic bags, but the grocery store is allowed to charge 10 cents for every paper change.
It won the support of the California grocery store Association and finally the support of the Federation of food and business workers.
It allows the continued use of thicker plastic bags, which will last 125 or more times and provide $2 million in job creation for the recycling and reusable grocery bag industry
In August of the same year, the bill was submitted to the governor\'s office.
As a result, the package lobby pursues its last available option.
Before 2014, the plastic Hall had collected enough signatures to place the plastic
Senate Bill 270, \"No baggage\", was put on hold and a referendum was held in a vote on November 8, 2016.
\"Our argument is that this is a special-
Benefit giveaway from the in-state grocery store, \"said Jon Beryl, a spokesman for the American progressive bags Alliance, a consortium of most people. of-state plastic-
Contracting manufacturers and branches of the US chemical Commission. “It bans a 100-
Percentage of recyclable products produced in the United States according to the US labor forceS.
Environmental Protection Bureau accounted for only 0.
3% of waste logistics.
\"The idea that you will cut back on the waste or waste of banning plastic retail bags is wrong,\" he said . \".
Special restaurants in Sacramento
Interest politics throws data and science out of the window.
Berrier is right. plastic bags only make up a small part of our garbage. (
Most of it is paper, decorations and food in the yard. )But single-
The use of plastic retail bags is a very harmful waste.
They easily float in the air, away from serious neatnik and litterbug, find the way into the Mountain Creek, the storm drain culvert, the Ocean whirlpool, and finally, the Bay of marine animals from whales to seabirds.
Turtles mistake them for jellyfish and suffer painful deaths from hunger;
Pelicans pierce them with spears and then kill them.
When paddling on the Los Angeles River recently, I saw a white plastic bag on the tree;
My companions called them \"grocery stores-bag flowers.
\"Plastic bags can be recycled in special dedicated facilities, but you can\'t throw them in the blue trash can.
They are sent to the normal machining center, blocking the sorting screen and must be cut out with a hook and saw.
Instead of degradation, they break down and turn the ocean and fresh water into diluted chemical soups.
But they are also big businesses, and in California alone, their manufacturers earn between $100 million and $0. 15 billion a year.
There is only one short list of generous donors for activity 67
Durabag, Tustin, California, an individual or company, contributed $50,000 in the early days.
The rest of the donor list includesof-
Futures rely on state companies that continue to grow in the industry: advanced plastic bags in sugar fields, Texas ($946,833);
Taiwan Plastics in Livingston, New Jersey ($1,148,441);
Hilex plastic in Hartsville, South Carolina ($2,783,739);
Super bags in Houston, Texas$1,238,188).
The money has been well spent, not only because a victory in the country\'s bellwether state could lead to a trend, but the loss could spread the bag ban like a virus.
As the San Francisco Chronicle reported, the industry earned $15 million in profits just by delaying Padila\'s bill for 18 months.
Steve mavelio, spokesman for the \"yes 67\" campaign that supported the ban, said that the concerns of the plastic lobby about projected unemployment were hollow, as few people
Make plastic bags in California.
On the other hand, the thicker plastic bags permitted by Padila law will increase the state\'s manufacturing economy and hundreds of jobs.
The plastic industry claims to have lost 2,000 jobs, which is \"incredible and nonsense,\" Maviglio said \".
However, the plastic Hall can win the game
Especially since the wording of the referendum is confusing.
\"We need to vote for it to get the law into effect, which is not intuitive,\" said Diz Swift, a member of the Berkeley Women\'s voter Union . \".
\"One might say, \'Oh, no, I don\'t want the law to be overruled, I want the law to take effect, \'and misvoted \'No \'. ’” (
To be clear, a \"no\" vote on proposal 67 will overturn the ban on bags;
Yes will support it. )
What is even more confusing is that the plastic bag Alliance put forward another proposal on the ballot-Proposal No. 65-which will guide Proposal No. 10 --
Collect cents from the special wildlife protection fund.
Berrier said the measure was derived from a study by the bag alliance.
\"Only 25% of the people we asked knew where the 10 cents postage would go,\" he said . \".
\"A lot of people think it\'s for the environment or for the local government.
When they found out they were going back to the grocery store, he said, \"they were angry.
They want to use it for environmental purposes.
However, for Swift, putting proposal 65 on the ballot of proposal 67 is a blatant attempt to distort the vote.
Only the most mature talents
Informed voters will understand what it all means.
\"The money is flowing into a fund that sounds very good,\" she said . \".
\"This is to alleviate the drought, clean drinking water, regional parks, remove garbage and restore habitat.
But it needs to build a bureaucracy that doesn\'t really help.
\"Maviglio is more outspoken.
\"We call 65 the grocer initiative,\" he said bluntly . \".
\"They are trying to send a message to grocery owners in other states that they will jump on a statewide ban. ” Single-
Maviglio claims to use bags ranging from 6 to 16 cents per bag, \"this does not include delivery and inventory \".
\"There was no windfall there.
If that is not convincing enough, he asked voters to consider the source.
The ban on plastic bags was imposed by the grassroots efforts --
Community organizations, moms, local environmental groups.
Plastics banned in Arizona
He said the ban comes directly from the US legislative exchange commission, a think tank that helps companies conduct state law, with a focus on seizing local control.
\"The plastic industry does not consider the environment,\" said Maviglio . \".
\"It\'s hypocritical that they put something on the ballot to help wildlife.
To be fair, Berrier doesn\'t think helping wildlife is the key: He says the goal of item 65 is just to highlight where the bag is
After the grocer charges the fee, the fee will increase.
He insisted that \"the language is very simple and clear and will have the desired effect.
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