plastic drinking straws are an utter waste, says an eco boss who claims adults who use them are no better than eight year olds

by:Chengbai     2020-01-22
According to a recycling company, plastic straws are \"the ultimate in human waste \".
It warns that adults who drink with them are a little better than \"eight years ago\"-paper straws are just as good.
It is said that the small paper umbrella in the cocktail caused further disaster to the environment.
Straws are the latest target of anger among environmental activists.
Last week, the head of the trade agency of the Recycling Association criticized potato snacks in containers as a \"nightmare\" of recycling \".
Plastic straws have replaced paper straws in recent decades.
But it is a disaster for the environment, because plastic straws will remain in the environment for decades or even hundreds of years.
In contrast, paper straws
Will eventually rot.
Mark Hall, a spokesman for recycling company business waste, said: \"The life of the plastic straw is about 20 minutes, and then it is thrown away.
Where recycling facilities exist, most bars and bars do not bother to recycle old straws because it is cumbersome and-frankly -
They have been in the mouth of a stranger.
\"They are largely the end result of human waste and a very easy problem to solve with very little effort.
The company is calling for a 5 p plastic straw tax.
Based on the successful plastic bag tax, the campaign was conducted by mail, which reduced the single plastic bag tax.
Use the bag that was thrown away.
Hall added: \"You are not 8 years old yet in the face of the facts.
Only the children need a straw and their soda.
Why on earth does your G & T need a straw?
He told the BBC: \"The same is true for small newspapers --
Plastic umbrella in cocktail
Together with Christmas cookies, they are considered the most meaningless invention of human beings.
\"But plastic straws have their defenders.
Charles Sellers of Inn Supplies, which provides straws to catering suppliers, defended their use.
The paper straw is out of date.
They are not so beautiful.
\"Anyway, some paper straws are not easy to recycle because they have polyethylene liners,\" he added.
\"There is a long history of drinking straw.
The first straw was used by the Sumerian people in ancient times.
In 1888, the United States applied for a patent for paper straws.
Plastic straws have been competing with them since the 1970 s.
Made of polypropylene, they are usually thrown away and eventually buried.
But in Uganda they are reused and woven into mats.
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