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by:Chengbai     2020-06-21
Pune: Suhasini Kadam, a housewife who lives in Kondhwa, started making her own disposable bag last month to pack garbage, but the state government has started to loosen some of the specifications, including allowing the use of black junk padding, which is a bit frustrating.
She did not want them back.
\"We have been using these plastic liners for years.
Since the transition has been completed, it is not good to move back.
It is easy to make paper bags without special skills.
When I change the old habit to something better, why should I go back to the old habit?
Suhazini told TOI.
Her neighbor, Anjali Jagtap, started using junk padding after the regulations were relaxed and she got a hint from Suhasini and stopped using junk padding.
\"People have to say that garbage disposal is still a problem and the state government needs to give us a suitable option when dealing with wet waste.
However, I learned from her. Suhasini)
How to make bags with the help of thick magazine covers or many leaflets provided in newspapers.
In fact, plastic is bad and we shouldn\'t go back to the old way because of some minor reasons and excuses, \"Anjali told TOI.
Since June 23, the state has imposed a plastic ban.
Over the next 3 months, however, the state government has relaxed some regulations, including the use of garbage liners, the use of plastic bags by small retailers, etc, until some alternatives are introduced.
Jagan, who owns a small grocery store on NIBM Road, had been using paper bags until the ban came into effect and said any rollback was a bad idea.
\"We have adapted, so there are a lot of customers.
No one should change themselves.
I started packing items in a brown paper bag in May and have been doing this since then. They (
State Government)
The spec may have been relaxed, but why should I restart the plastic bag?
I don\'t know much about the environment and harm, but paper is a good choice and I stick to it.
Some customers told me to use the plastic bag again but I refused.
We should keep going . \"
The railway duty officer of the Central Railway Pune Division told TOI that they had set up a 4-
The member committee is each station under its jurisdiction to ensure that plastic is not used in the premises.
\"The machine used to handle plastic waste will soon see a place at Pune Station.
We have people who inform passengers of the ban.
There are a lot of trains from other states and passengers don\'t know the ban.
We will inform them immediately after they get off the bus.
The committees are working hard, \"senior department business manager (DCM)
Krishnath Patil said Taiwan.
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